GrenoWest- Residents riled with lack of public transport
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GrenoWest- Residents riled with lack of public transport

Residents allege that Greater Noida Authority has failed to provide this basic facility to residents

GrenoWest- Residents riled with lack of public transport

For the last 2 years, there are no bus services and no bus shelters in Greater Noida west. As gathered, buses run by DMRC, NMRC, or the authorities, were operating in 2020 but have been shut since the onset of the pandemic. Residents allege that the Greater Noida Authority has failed to provide this basic facility to residents.

Residents allege that routes and plans are often announced promising bus services but all promises have remained unfulfilled till now. In June, reports were published that bus services would be provided on said routes soon but again, there was no development. The mentioned routes were - depot to depot via Gharbhara, Greno Depot to Hindon bridge, depot to depot via sector, Nanua ka Rajpur depot via Greno west.

We contacted a few residents to understand their problems-

Bharti Jaiswal, resident of Arihant Arden says, “We live in a so-called developed city but the transport facilities are extremely poor here. There is simply no public transport available from Parthala Chowk to Ek Murti. This is not only inconvenient for residents of Greater Noida West but residents of Meerut and Ghaziabad who use this route. Moreover, there are no bus shelters to protect us from the harsh weather."

Bharti Jaiswal
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Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj, a resident of Supertech Ecovillage 1 highlights the added burden of expenditure due to the lack of public transport. She says, “We are compelled to take cabs for small distances. It is not manageable by the middle class as the budget is already limited. Moreover, Government and Greater Noida Authority should understand that this area is densely populated, and public transport is mandatory."

Ranjana Suri Bhardwaj
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Kunal Dhamija, resident of the Royal Court says, "We are in dire need of bus stops and public transportation. My parents are senior citizens who are now dependent on me to go out for any work just because of the unavailability of public transport. Private transports are costly and not good for the environment. Smart cities should have the basic facility of movement for every age group of people. Public transport will reduce the traffic and help reduce pollution. Rather than spending money on bridges and underpasses, authorities must work towards public transport which is a long-term solution to many problems."

Kunal Dhamija
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Vikash Katiyar, a resident of Spring Meadows says, “In Noida, Greater Noida and Yamuna Authority, 99% of the work is done only on files or social media, the ground conditions are completely different. The elderly have to wait in line for the auto. Auto drivers ask for unfair charges. Moreover, ladies have to stand under the sun while waiting for their kids' school buses. Why are there no bus shelters?"

Vikash Katiyar
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Naval Singh, a resident of Greenarch society says, “I have to travel daily from Greno West to Delhi. If there was a bus to the metro station, it would have been so much more convenient."

Archana Lodhi, Resident of Ajnara Homes says, “There is an equal need for bus shelters as buses. Rain or sun, there are simply no shelters on Greater Noida roads. Moreover, we feel unsafe in taking a can at odd hours."

Archana Lodhi
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CitySpidey reached out to Amandeep Duli, ACEO, Greater Noida Authority. He says, "Around 10 buses were functional here, which suffered due to low capacity. Soon they will resume again. We would be sharing the routes soon."

On bus shelters, he says, "The demand for the bus stops and bus shelters will be furnished soon. We will study the existing bus stops and renew them, with the EV policy so that people with electric vehicles can also use them. We will float the tender regarding these by the second week of next month."