Snigdha Polapragada: Journey of a digital influencer!
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Snigdha Polapragada: Journey of a digital influencer!

The lockdown period was when the tables fully turned for her

Snigdha Polapragada: Journey of a digital influencer!

Snigdha Polapragada is a digital creator and an Instagram influencer with a family of 27.7k. She currently lives in Hyderabad and has a passion for portraits, fashion, travel and beauty. She is a multitalented blogger, a creative photographer, and a budding entrepreneur.

We first asked Snigdha when it occurred to her that she wanted to be a blogger? She told us that she vividly remembers how it felt as soon she received her MBA certificate. Clueless! But one thing that she knew for sure was that she didn’t want a 9-5 job. She hails from a business family and has a love for creativity, authenticity and innovation. She’s always been keen on proving herself that she is perfect in everything that she does, be it studies, art, daily chores or anything else.

Polapragada tells us that she has had this passion for dressing up and clicking pictures. She remembers that her mother used to dress her and her sister up exceptionally well when they were kids and that is probably the reason why she is drawn towards this profession.

Her sister (Sneha Polapragada) is a well-known fashion blogger from Hyderabad. She started writing blogs in 2017, while Snigdha used to click her pictures for the gram and always acquainted her for collaborations.

Her sister asked her to start writing articles on fashion and upload images on Instagram. At first, it wasn’t easy for Snigdha as she says that she had been supremely self-conscious. Her sister guided her through the process and gave her enough confidence to start blogging.

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The lockdown period was when the tables fully turned for her; she had all the time in the world to explore her niche. She found out that her passion was turning something unreal into honest and approachable. By that, she means editing.

Her sister gave her the idea of recreating fairy-tale images. Snigdha spent 8-9 hours a day dressing up like princesses, putting on makeup and clicking pictures before a white wall, and the next thing she did was editing. She has recreated Aladdin, Cinderella, Snow White and the red rose, Rapunzel and many more.

The next thing she knew was that her profile was blowing up, and people started liking what she did. She gladly turned fantasy into reality and enjoyed doing it. At the start, she was taken aback by the response, but she has never looked back since then. She is at 27.8k odd followers as of now. Her sister clicks all her pictures, and they work collectively; she says she couldn’t have asked for a better teammate.
Then we were curious to know what was Snigdha’s source of motivation, and to that, she said that her parents and sister are her A1 motivators. It surprises her to see Gen Z supporting this new age platform and understanding the scope and potential of this particular field/profession.

Credits: Snigdha Polapragada's Instagram

She is blessed to have them in her life, as they share their inputs whenever necessary. Success does not come easy in hands. Everybody has to face a few or more obstacles to reach a certain point in their lives. The same goes with Snigdha, and she has faced her share of hurdles to get where she is now.

Obstacles are a part of every journey, and we asked Snigdha about her’s. She says that “obstacles are shared, and social media is challenging every day”. Her income depends on the number she makes on social media. The number of genuine followers, the insights, demographics, reach, impressions, shares and saves, and so on, and of course, the more, the merrier. Brands that offer collaborations pay them based on the viewership of their profile. So, every post they make involves a lot of background work and hours of hard work.

Every day is a new day of hardships for everyone to battle their struggles, and these are the daily struggles that Snigdha faces every day. Beginning with coming up with a concept, putting makeup, styling, accessorising, investing in a good camera/phone, lighting, looking for the perfect background, editing, coming up with captions, and finally putting it all out there on the gram, staying strong while ignoring the hate, trolls and dealing with the failure of the past and accepting that not all pictures can be a hit and further motivating themselves to work even better next time and create authentic and unique content for the audience, takes a lot of courage.  At last, Snigdha stated, “It is not as easy as it seems. And this is how content creators/influencers overcome their daily obstacles.”

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