Friendship Day 2022: Last minute ideas to make the day memorable
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Friendship Day 2022: Last minute ideas to make the day memorable

Friendship teaches us life lessons that can transform our lives forever

Friendship Day 2022: Last minute ideas to make the day  memorable

Friendship is one of the most essential relationships of human existence. Friends can transform our lives forever. From sharing our lunch in school to our deep-rooted secrets, this relation makes our life easier. It is a state of being committed, sharing compatibility, and compassion.

And just like everyone and everything has a day, Friendship Day is enjoyed on the first Sunday of August every year. The celebration of this day began in the US and it became popular worldwide.

Don't we all look forward to catching up with our friends on weekends after spending a long week? Since it is Friendship Day and you want to make your idiot friend a little special today. Here are quick unique ideas to make this day special:

Virtual party

The pandemic has made us all used to virtual parties so why not do a virtual party with your gang this Friendship Day? You can always dress nicely and celebrate with your friends. You can play different games like this-or-that, online fun competition, who knows whom, etc. Since there are no rules in the online virtual party, plan and customise it in a way that all of you enjoy it to the fullest.

Surprise them with OTT subscription

We all have OTT-obsessed friends. This Friendship Day, surprise your friend with a subscription of their favourite platform. It could be Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar. Of course, this will be the best gift possible for them and you can even use the 'Netflix Party' option to binge-watch your favourite show or movie together. Plus, the awesome part is that there is a group chat to allow everyone to talk in between the movie if anyone wants to say anything. Doesn't this sound fun. So, grab some snacks and pick a good movie.

Send the treasure

Are you still overloaded with your work? Don't worry, this is why online gift shops exist, you can always pick and order gifts according to your interests and preferences from flowers, chocolates, watches, bags, clothes, and what not. No matter what you will choose, that will surely make your friend go awestruck.

Bake a cake

Cakes have always been a part of every celebration no matter what. Of course! you just can't miss Friendship Day to slurp for a bake. You can always make it more special by baking a cake for your friend. No matter how far apart you guys are, you can always send cakes to your friends even seven seas across too and this will surely put a smile on your friend's face.

Wander together

We all have been roasted in this pandemic and travelling is the ultimate thing that makes us excited. Travelling with your friends has its essence, so if you and your friends are fully vaccinated then you can go ahead and plan a small trip post friendship day with your shenanigans with your masks on, this will boost your mood and strengthen the bond between your friends.

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