Noida: Resident bodies raise the issue of rampant encroachment
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Noida: Resident bodies raise the issue of rampant encroachment

"Noida authority's administrative agencies should perform their duties on time"

Noida: Resident bodies raise the issue of rampant encroachment

Noida: You may have often witnessed encroachment in marketplaces. However, encroachment in high-rise societies is an emerging trend in Noida.

Unauthorized construction is a dominant issue in Noida these days. RWAs from distinct sectors complain that whether it's the sectors, gated colonies, or condominiums, all are rife with unauthorized extensions that infringe on common spaces through temporary or permanent constructions. However, they allege that no action is being taken against them.

Recently, Shrikant Tyagi, a resident of Omaxe Grande society who claimed to be a BJP member, allegedly encroached on the common area. On August 5, 2022, Tyagi threatened and abused a lady who is herself a resident who had objected to the alleged encroachment by him in the society's common area. The entire incident was caught on the CCTV of the society. Thereafter, Noida Authority reached the spot and removed all illegal encroachment made by him.

CitySpidey talked to a few residents to understand the problem-

Rajiva Singh, president of the Noida Federation of Apartment Owners' Association (NOFAA), says,

"Most high-rise societies encounter problems with inhabitants making changes in building flats that aren't in accordance with the Model Byelaws of the UP Apartment Act. These include enlarging balconies for more space, extending garden areas for residents on the bottom floor, designating it as their own personal space, etc. Conflicts arise between the AOA'S and the defaulting residents as a result of this."

He also adds that to prevent the growth of such issues, regular communication between resident bodies and administration is crucial. Additionally, digitizing AOA / RWA records and portals for escalating disputes in individual societies can aid in reducing the number of unlucky instances where residents and the AOA experience stress.

Sanjeev Kumar, general secretary of the Sector 51 RWA and senior vice president of DDRWA, says,

"There are people who have encroached the government land outside the plot, Kothi, flat in sectors by planting gardens, boundary walls, or trees. These people do commercial activities in the residential area. Some of these activities are also prohibited by Noida Authority and Noida Police."

He also mentions that there are many cases of misbehaviour and unruly acts by people in society (such as the recent Tyagi where he abused a female resident)  He alleges that despite the persistent request of RWA, Federation, or AOA, Noida Authority only issues notice to them, and has not taken the appropriate action.

Rajeev Sharma, President of RWA Rajat Vihar C-Block, Sector-62, says,

"Firstly, encroachment of public space through intimidation is totally wrong as green spaces and parks are residents' public possessions. Secondly, any person cannot use political power to pressure someone because if someone is in a position, they are there to serve the people socially and not to bother them."

He also says, "Noida authority's administrative agencies should perform their duties on time as per law so that residents do not have to experience any problem."

Nitesh Ranjan, AOA president of Prateek Wisteria says,

"Illegal encroachment is becoming a pandemic nowadays, which is spreading rampantly. Although in our society there is no situation of extensions if people and RWA's from other societies are facing problem then they should handle it first on their own and if the matter extends then Noida Authority must intervene."