These untouched places will touch your heart!
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These untouched places will touch your heart!

Gavi is a village in Kerala which is also an eco-tourist destination because of its natural beauty

These untouched places will touch your heart!

India is a land full of hidden gems. Being one of the most culturally diverse country, every corner of India has something new and exciting to offer. With the hot shift in the season, it is time to take a trip to enjoy your summers to the fullest. Though the north of India is a popular choice for summer trips, middle and south of India is also equally a good summer host. The best part about such places is that they are untouched by the tourism commercialization and thus, are much more laid back and chill.

Gavi, Kerala

Credit: STSholiday 

Gavi is a beautiful village in Kerala which is also an eco-tourist destination because of its natural beauty. This village is famous for its tropical forest, lakes, beautiful forest, hills and you can smell the cardamon in the air of this village and can see its plantation too. Also, you can see the diverse flora and fauna and can enjoy trekking on the hills along with camping with nature.

Tarkarli, Maharashtra

Credit: Exelebiz 

This beautiful seaside destination is located in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra. Tarkarli is a wonderful village on the seaside and it is famous for its clean water and white sand around the coastline. Here you can see marine life, colourful fishes and turtles, and you can enjoy your dream view of the sunset with palm trees. People who do have any fear of water can enjoy the banana boat ride, speed boat ride, jet-skiing and also can enjoy kayaking solo. Here, you should try Malvani Thali which, a traditional spicy delicacy.

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Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Credit: MP Tourism 

This is a beautiful place which is located on the riverbank of the river Betwa in Madhya Pradesh. Orchha is a place that is known for its glorious history and architecture. Here you can see amazing forts, palaces, temples, and cenotaphs too. You can go rafting in the Betwa river, a jungle safari in the Orchha wildlife sanctuary, visit Laxmi Narayana temple which is designed like a fort, eat food at Jharokha restaurant where you get the royal treatment, attend the light and sound show at the Orchha Fort, must go for kayaking in the Betwa river and don't miss to stay at a royal stay at sheesh mahal.

Bakkhali, West Bengal

Credit: Desimap 

Bakkali is a beautiful village or a small island on the expansion of the Bay of Bengal. This place is quite rare in the world and amazing too which offers you to enjoy sunrise and sunset both at the beachside. There you can see so many things like the crocodile breeding centre, Fraserganj wind park, Jambu Dweep, Bishhalalshmi temple and Henry's island too.

Patan, Gujarat

Credit: Gujarat Tourism 

This beautiful place is the former capital of Gujarat. This city is known for its hundreds of Jain temples, amazing forts and lakes too. The place is historically rich and there is so much you can experience there. You can visit Rani ki vav, a thousand years old stepwell situated on the bank of river Saraswati, adorned with around five hundred sculptures and seven level stairs.

Jawai, Rajasthan

Credit: Tourmyindia 

This small village attracts travellers with its luxury safari camps, rural life and wildlife. You can spend your time on a leopard hill, a hidden gem of the palace. For those who love wildlife, you can see leopards and other animals like crocodiles, hyphens, bears and nilgai. Also, you can have a taste of rural life with the local people.

Majuli, Assam

Credit: Tourmyindia 

It is a beautiful island located on the Brahmaputra river. Majuli is famous for its amazing and diverse flora and fauna. You can enjoy nature while bird watching. Apart from that, you'll really the village tours and experience beautiful Assamese culture and tradition. The place is also famous for its vast variety of rice.

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