Playlist for your next road trip
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Playlist for your next road trip

Train song from Gully Boy is the ideal song to start your journey

Playlist for your next road trip

Any long journey, whether by train or car, is just incomplete without music. You need something to go along with the picturesque locations, especially when travelling to the highlands. If you're planning to take a journey to the hills, check out this playlist and make sure to groove your way to those mountains.

Train Song, Gully boy

This is the ideal song to start your journey, and the following songs will make the rest of your trip even better. It will immediately get you in the mood for the journey because it is a song about new beginnings. If you're planning a road trip, this song should be on your playlist.

Aaftab, The Local Train

Aaftab would be the icing on the cake in this scene, which also features a starry sky, a chilly breeze, and wood crackling in the blaze. A young band called The Local Train made magic with this song by experimenting with rhythm and tempo.

Ilahi, Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani

The music will undoubtedly awaken the wanderlust within you, just like in the movie. Ilahi is a must-have for your vacation playlist. The song is literally filmed following Ranbir Kapoor as he travels worldwide. You won't be able to resist the wanderlust this song inspires while Arijit Singh's soft singing is playing in your ears.

Peter Cat Recording Co., Happiness

Trust us when we suggest that this song and many others by them should be on your trip playlist because jazz music pairs incredibly nicely with mountains. When you are enjoying the warmth of a bonfire on a chilly winter night, keep this gem on your playlist. The indie band you ought to be listening to right now is PCRC.

Kyon?, Barfi

The journey of Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is chronicled in this song, written by Neelesh Mishra and performed by Papon. It is the ultimate travel song. The lyrics of this song are just as beautiful as the vocals.

For Aisha, Memba

You'll want to keep playing this song repeatedly, it's that good. You would like the song on your playlist for when you're driving along curving roads because it has the power to make the listener experience a flurry of emotions all at once.

Phir Se Ud Chala, Rockstar

This song, which has lovely wordplay and a fast tempo, is appropriate for a long drive through the winding hills or while exploring a busy market. There is no better music to listen to if you want to capture the spirit of travel.

Highway, Maahi ve

Maahi Ve, the ideal tune for a road trip, perfectly portrays the spirit of a trek over the highlands. With this song, A.R. Rahman has worked his magic while following Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt on their journey.