Hard Cash Day 19: Gurgaon residents left in the lurch
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Hard Cash Day 19: Gurgaon residents left in the lurch

With banks closed and ATMs running dry within hours, residents are turning desperate. While a few have been missing lunch in the hope of getting cash, others are spending three to four hours every day in queue.

Hard Cash Day 19: Gurgaon residents left in the lurch

This weekend turned particularly difficult for residents of Gurgaon and elsewhere, as only a few ATMs dispensed money, and cash ran out in hours.

With the banks remaining closed, the search for cash turned desperate. A lot of senior citizens were seen standing in long queues. Ram Saroop, 76, said, “Well, my son and daughter-in-law think that I should be queuing up. They have handed over their ATM cards to me. After having breakfast every day, I spend about three to four hours waiting in queue. We are constructing a room on the first floor. We need at least Rs 4,000 to pay the labourers every day.”

Another resident, Inderjeet Ahlawat, complained, "The ATMs are out of cash during the weekend and I can’t go anywhere with my family. On working days, by the time I can get to the ATMs, the cash is over. On weekends, too, the story seems to be the same."

“Modi had promised 'Acche Din' before the elections, and now we have seen the worst. I miss my lunch hour every second day to withdraw cash. The situation has turned dire. Things will spiral out of control when we all try to draw our salaries next month,” said Mannu Bhardawaj, a resident of Sector 7.

Meanwhile, political opportunists who had been serving water and tea to residents standing in queues have vanished in the past week.