Health benefits of oat milk
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Health benefits of oat milk

Oat milk is made from blended steel-cut, pre-soaked oat groats

Health benefits of oat milk

Plant milk has been a viable alternative to dairy milk for generations. Soy, almond, rice, and coconut milk are popular dairy milk substitutes. Among these, Oat milk is becoming a popular vegan alternative for its pleasant taste and health benefits.

Oat milk is made from blended steel-cut, pre-soaked oat groats. Oats have fibre and protein, but milk contains certain minerals and macronutrients. Oats absorb water well, so more macro- and micronutrients pass through the fabric, giving creamy, pleasant dairy-free milk.

Here are some benefits of oat milk-

High in fibre
Oat milk is a great option for increasing fibres in your diet for a healthier gut and digestive system because it has double the amount of dietary fibre as cow's milk. In particular, beta globulin, a soluble fibre, boosts the body's capacity to mend itself naturally, enhances the immune system, and can prevent infection with frequent ingestion.

High in vitamins
Oat milk contains the B elements thiamine and folate, which help red blood cells function normally and the digestion of carbohydrates for energy (folate).

Substitutes unsaturated fats for saturated fats
This is one exceptional vegan milk product, including only 2.5g of total fat per serving and zero saturated fats. Whole milk has about 8 grams of cholesterol and 5g of dietary cholesterol per day. Oat milk is extremely low in calories and ideal for individuals controlling their diet for their training and nutritional needs because each serving contains only a small amount of fat.

Free Of Cholesterol
Oat milk is a dairy-free product with no cholesterol. Regular consumption may even help lower bad saturated fat levels. High cholesterol encourages the accumulation of LDL, or low-density lipoproteins, in the arteries, which causes atherosclerosis, a condition that precedes cardiovascular disease. Therefore, by substituting oat milk for one serving of conventional milk, you are consuming 24 mg less cholesterol each day.

Controls the levels of blood sugar
Beta-glucan, a soluble fibre, slows down the digestion of glucose in the gut, releasing sugar into the circulating blood more gradually and steadily. Thus, it is a healthy option for people with type 2 diabetes who want to help control their blood sugar.

Dairy Free
For those of us who are lactose intolerant, oat milk is a great option because it is low on calories and dairy-free and has a pleasant flavour. Oats are naturally gluten-free, but because they are frequently digested on the same machinery as grains that contain gluten, they could increase the risk of an allergic reaction. It is therefore recommended that you check the tag for details on the processing before purchasing any products containing oat milk.