The fine art of environmental cleanliness
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The fine art of environmental cleanliness

The city and the environment are like our home and we must keep it clean

The fine art of environmental cleanliness

Dwarka Sec 22: Awareness plays a key role in solving any problem. Today, one of the major problems that we are facing is environmental pollution. Creating environmental awareness is an easy way to make people aware of what is hazardous to the environment and motivate them to protect it. For this purpose, a few residents of the Udyog Vihar, CGHS apartment conducted continuous environmental cleanliness drives starting from their apartment to the city roads.

Say no to wall chalking and littering
Sumit Bakshi, a resident who is spearheading this whole exercise voluntarily for the last few days says, "The city and the environment are like our home and we must keep it clean. Wall chalking causes a bad visual impact. All of us don’t like to write on the walls of our homes, so considering the city our home, we decided to remove the wall chalking."

Bakshi added that littering on roads across Dwarka sectors is a common thing. We cleaned the same from the outside walls of our society and service roads.

Make it greener and cleaner
All through Dwarka, most of the trees across the main roads or service lanes need trimming of bushes and also regular audits to ensure their roots are intact during the monsoon. Such uprooted trees fall on the road and cause accidents in Dwarka during the Monsoon season.

A team of a few environmental cleanliness lovers Sumit Bakshi and KK Sharma along with others looked after the trimming of bushes and pruning of all the trees outside the apartment and in the service lane. Sumit Bakshi says that since this was just the beginning of this whole exercise so it was not conducted on a large scale but we tried to cover as many points as possible.

Grow green

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Tree plantation is not something that should be done, but it is the need of the hour. Planting trees is especially important to protect our environment against air pollution and global warming. We also worked under the slogan of growing green to make our environment healthy. To realize this mission, we began in our society premises. We dug the whole central lawn with help of a JCB machine which we took on rent to plant more trees and make it greener. The same initiative will be followed for service lanes across our society. This would make Dwarka green and protect our environment. Thus, saving our young generation from the harmful effects of air pollution.

The article has been written by Sumit Vadhera

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article above are his own and CitySpidey does not endorse them in anyway.