Styling tips to achieve your desired looks!
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Styling tips to achieve your desired looks!

Tips and tricks which you can try to look the way you want to

Styling tips to achieve your desired looks!

Dressing up is always an exciting opportunity to experiment with your look, whether you go to the office, party, or on a date. A person looks good when he/she is comfortable but sometimes having a desire to appear in a particular way is also okay.

So here are some tips and tricks which you can try to look the way you want to

If you are a cute, short height person and want to appear taller just to change an appearance, you can try to wear clothes that have vertical stripes, dresses with vertical stripes gives a taller illusion.

Wearing high waisted jeans can also make you look tall as they are more emphasised to your legs. It lifts up your waistline visually and adds 2-3 inches. The best thing is you can enjoy flats and no need for heels to look taller.

If you wish to add inches to your height with flat shoes, tuck your shirt in your pants or skirts. You will appear taller with style because of a sudden change in body proportion.

Try monochrome dresses, wearing the same colour from up to down looks longer as one can not see from where legs are starting. 

The desire to look shorter can also be achieved by wearing clothes that have horizontal lines on them. Horizontal lines put more focus on the width of the body and can make you look shorter.

Wear long tops like long sweaters, jackets, shirts, etc, with different colours of bottoms. With this styling, your legs will appear shorter. Waist-length jackets can also opt to create a distinction between your legs and the upper portion.

Use printed clothes or add a belt to your dress to appear shorter. The belt will help in making you look short. You can also try to wear baggy clothes.

If your preference is to look thinner and you are still 2 kg far from your goal, do not worry. You can try to have a V- shape neckline in your dresses which provides a leaner longer shape.

You can also opt for one of the oldest tricks, to wear black. This will give a cylindrical look. 

Also, avoid baggy clothes

If you want to look healthier for any particular event, you can try wearing dresses that add volume and dimension to your appearance. Try out dresses with prints and patterns which will make you look healthier. Puffy coats are used to keep you warm during summers but they can also be worn to add pounds.

You can also opt for skin tight dresses, ankle wrap shoes, and wide belts.

Choose whatever to wear but be confident.