Twin towers- Fear and tension among residents ahead of demolition
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Twin towers- Fear and tension among residents ahead of demolition

Supertech’s twin towers in Noida will be demolished at 2:30 pm on August 28, 2022

Twin towers- Fear and tension among residents ahead of demolition

1 structure, 3500 kg explosives and evacuation of 5,000 residents. The demolition of Noida's Supertech twin tower is scheduled to take place on Sunday, August 28 at 2:30 pm. The 40-storey building that took nearly 3 years to be built will be reduced to rubble in seconds.

More than 3,500 kg of explosives has been filled in around 9,400 holes drilled in the columns and shears of the skeletal structures of the twin towers to bring them crashing down. The twin towers Ceyane and Apex, have been completely rigged with explosives. Ahead of the demolition, there is fear among residents.

The impact of the demolition is likely to be maximum on nearby societies Emerald Court and ATS Village. Over 5,000 residents of nearby buildings have been told to move out by 7:30 am on August 28, 2022. They can return after 4 pm only with safety clearance from Edifice Engineering, the agency tasked with the demolition of the 100-metre-tall building. While the twin towers had come up only on the premises of Emerald Court, ATS Village adjoins the illegal structures on the other side in Sector 93-A of the city.

We reached out to know what the residents are feeling about the demolition of the 100-meter building.

RK Rastogi (70) senior resident of 6A 62 towers, ATS village concludes, “We are at great risk. Twin Towers are just 45 meters away from my apartment. The twin towers are 100 m high. If anything happens, even by the friction of a millimetre, we are absolutely in danger. We do not know what to do. Although we have been told to vacate the flat, we do not know if the authorities have taken any precautions to protect our apartment. I cannot convey how scared I am."

He continues, "I approached the insurance company too. They said that they only cover natural calamities, and cannot give any insurance."

Mousami, a resident of ATS Village says, “We are under great stress as we have to rush out early morning on August 28th. For obvious reasons, we are scared about our belongings, and our houses. People with respiratory disorders are worried as we don't know how long would the dust take to settle. We are taking as many precautions as possible. I have taken all essential documents with me like my investment papers and covered all my furniture. We are not sure what to expect."

Ekta Lamba, a resident of ATS Village says, “I am not very concerned as my tower is very far from twin tower. But yes, those living in towers 6 A, 7, and 8 are scared."

CitySpidey also reached out to Utkarsh Mehta, CEO, of Eddifice Engineering. He says, “The installation work of explosives is complete.  Floor to floor connection has been done. There will be a mock drill on August 25. Installing the explosives in the towers has been completed.” It has been gathered that Noida Authority CEO will visit the demolition site.