Salary day! But are people rejoicing?
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Salary day! But are people rejoicing?

It's the start of the month and ATM lines are about to get longer. This has residents worrying about how to pay for basic services and expenses that are not accepted in cheque.

Salary day! But are people rejoicing?

Come December, and the perils of demonetisation loom even larger. With the start of the month, residents fear that the lines outside the ATMs will get even longer and cash even scarcer!   

School-bus fees, monthly groceries, payments to the milkman, wages for the domestic help — none of which is accepted in cheque or online transfer — are going to be a nightmare at the start of the month.  

Naveen Singh, a resident of Sector 19, Noida, says, "My wife had to dig into her piggy bank for savings of small coins and 50-rupee notes to buy daily supplies in November. But this month, we don't even have that. I don't know how we are going to manage."

Another resident of Sector 20, Ram Yadav, tells City Spidey, "Due to the cash crisis, I was unable to pay my rent of Rs 18,000 last month. So this time, I need pay for both December and November by the 5th of the month! My landlord refuses to take the rent in cheque. I have no clue what I am going to do."

Sunita Singh, a single mother, is worried about the bus fees of her daughter. She says, "I pay the bus fees in cash. There's also room rent to be paid, and other basic expenses. These are really difficult times for me. My husband passed away three years ago, so things are even more tough. I wish there could've been sort of system put in place by the government, particularly at the beginning of the month, to ease our cash troubles."