5 desserts made from banana
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5 desserts made from banana

Banana bread is delightful banana treat is eggless and perfect for any occasion.

5 desserts made from banana

Comparing the cost of a dozen bananas to that of an apple, a mango, a pomegranate, or a blueberry, we can see that bananas are far more affordable and much healthier than other fruits. Bananas are a regular part of our grocery list, we have compiled a list of some desserts which are made up by using banana.

Banana Bread

This delightful banana treat is eggless and perfect for any occasion. It is light, soft, and perfectly sweet. It is one of the most popular dessert options which is delicious, healthy, and favourite of many people.

Banana Cake

This vegan Banana Cake is made in one bowl with mashed ripe bananas, walnuts, and whole wheat flour. Delicious and a little healthier than regular cakes, this is a perfect option if you are looking for a healthy dessert option.

Banana Smoothie

This vegan smoothie is made with ripe bananas, raw milk, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder and is nutritious, delicious, and makes you feel full. Health lovers make this smoothie whenever they need a pleasant, delicious, and filling drink.

Pazham Pori

It is a famous Kerala dessert prepared from ripe bananas. It is incredibly simple to make these banana fritters. The mixture is made using maida or flour, and the fritters are deep-fried.

Banana muffins

Banana muffins made with wholemeal flour are eggless and vegan. These muffins can be made with ripe bananas. Enjoy these delectable muffins for your breakfast or as a midday snack. You can be made this healthy dessert in just 30 minutes.