YogSeed, promoting wellness with mindfulness
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YogSeed, promoting wellness with mindfulness

Rakesh has been practicing Yoga for the past 40 years

YogSeed, promoting wellness with mindfulness

In our busy schedules, we seldom find time for ourselves. The days include working on a screen while the night is spent staring at social media and Ott platforms. An extreme sedentary lifestyle can block our senses and make us depressed. What is needed is perhaps some mindfulness to break the rut.

Let me share an example that can motivate you. Rakesh Kumar Mehra is a food technologist, who has been working in the corporate sector for the last 30 years. He holds a director's position in many top brands of food in India but also finds time for yoga.

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Rakesh who has been practising yoga for the past 40 years says, "Yoga has been a part of my life since a very young age. It may not be a tool for physical strength but boosts wellness."

Rakesh started YogSeed to share the benefits of yoga and teach people the correct postures. With YogSeed, he teaches yoga online and offline free of cost. He also gives classes from morning 6 to 7 am at Golakdham park, sector 10, Dwarka.

CitySpidey attended one of these sessions. We had a conversation with some of the people attending the yoga session who shared how Yoga has helped their lifestyle.

Paramheet Sethi, a resident of Dwarka says, "I had a problem of cervical and knee pain because of which I couldn't walk properly. Yoga has helped me walk again. Every woman should take out time for themselves and do yoga.

CitySpidey also met Ramkishan Sharma, a Dwarka resident and the trustee of Yog seed. He says, "We know how it feels to have pain in old age. I was not able to move my hand. We started Yog seed to help to promote wellness and fitness in society."

Mahishanand Panth, another trustee of Yog Seed says, "During Covid, 60% of my lungs were infected. I started yoga on my hospital bed and the doctors saw a positive change in my health. Just because of Yoga, I survived Covid."