Grape seed extracts and its many benefits
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Grape seed extracts and its many benefits

There is some evidence that grape seed extract may benefit people with diabetes.

Grape seed extracts and its many benefits

Grape seed extract (Vitis Vinifera) is a natural substance, which is usually found in the from of capsules and tablets in your neighbourhood drugstore. It doesn't come as a surprise that grapes and grape seed extract (GSE) have long  been used in culinary and medicinal applications. It is now known that grape seed extract contains Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidin (OPC), an antioxidant known to make you more healthy. According to some scientific evidence, the following conditions may benefit from grape seed extract-

  • Chronic venous insufficiency and edema1
  • Wound healing
  • Skin (anti-ageing and UV protection)
  • Eye stress due to glare
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Viral infection
  • High cholesterol
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Heart disease
  • Excess weight2

Some other lifestyle diseases Grapeseed extract might help you with are-


There is some evidence that grape seed extract may benefit people with diabetes. Grape seed extract thins the blood and may affect how the liver functions and metabolises medication. Before using it, consult with a healthcare provider.

Preventing skin cancer

In animal and laboratory studies, scientists have shown that grape seed can help fight free radicals (chemical byproducts known to cause inflammation and oxidative stress associated with cancer). However, whether grape seed extract reduces human cancer risk is unknown.

Cardiovascular benefits

Grape seed extract may be beneficial to the heart. According to some studies, it may help with blood pressure, cholesterol, and C-reactive protein. However, the evidence is mixed—other studies have found no effect on the same measures.

Other possible advantages of Grapeseed Extract-

  • Treating tooth decay
  • Protecting against pathogens
  • Improving night vision
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Treating diabetic retinopathy and improving blood sugar control
  • Relieving symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
  • Anti-ageing properties (protecting collagen and elastin)
  • Relieving symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency
  • Reducing iron levels in people with hemochromatosis
  • Reducing inflammation