2 Black boxes from Twin tower to give details on demolition
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2 Black boxes from Twin tower to give details on demolition

Cracks have been found in the pillars of ATS Village and Supertech Emerald Court

2 Black boxes from Twin tower to give details on demolition

Noida: The multi-storey Supertech Twin towers came down in 9 minutes on August 28, 2022. This was the largest planned demolition in India. As gathered, CBRI had placed ten black boxes within the building. Now, two of them have now been taken out that will be used to analyze vibrations, explosion sounds, demolition speed, and other aspects of the massive demolition.

Mayur Mehta, Project manager of Edifice Engineering, says, "Before the demolition, ten black boxes were inserted in the Twin towers. Vibration, sound, the direction of fall, velocity, acceleration, and other factors during the explosion will be measured by the black boxes. Two of these boxes have been delivered by us to the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) on the day of demolition itself from the Ceyane building. It also features a device for measuring earthquakes."

He informs that in addition to the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and CBRI, researchers from the Central Institute of Mining and Fuel Research, Dhanbad, will research the black box.

Moreover, Ajay Raghava, Joint Director, Ministry of Environment, forest and Climate Change, also looked over the area concurrently on D day. The inspection's goals were to confirm improved debris disposal and evaluate how the environment has changed since the demolition.  The team also gave instructions to run jet pumps, sprinkle water, and cover dusty areas while breaking up debris at the site.

Further, he added that 30,000 metric tonnes of waste would be delivered to the C&D plant at Noida. The segregation work of debris and scrap has been started and soon it will be sent to the plant. Construction material will be extracted from debris such as pavement tiles.

Apart from this, there is an ongoing investigation into the cracks developed on the pillars of Emerald Court and ATS Village. According to reports, the organization that Supertech appointed is currently investigating how these fissures developed and when. As gathered from news reports, the organization claims that more than 100 pillars have already been looked into. It will be examined using a core-cutting test and a rebound hammer. The strength of the pillar will be known in a week.

Atul Chaturvedi, the AOA president of ATS Village, says, " The structural audit is being done by Supertech and CBRI. The investigation will be completed soon. After that, the team will move back to Kerala. They have already done pre-demolition photography of the entire complex and now they will compare the pre-demolition and post-demolition structures. They would submit the report soon."

Meanwhile, Edifice has started an audit on damage to flats such as broken windows, glasses, and window panes.