Lotus Panache- Residents furious over high TDS
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Lotus Panache- Residents furious over high TDS

They allege that this water is unfit to drink or even to take a bath.

Lotus Panache- Residents furious over high TDS

Noida: Residents of Lotus Panache, Sector 110 Noida, are complaining about high Total Dissolved Salt (TDS) in the water supply. On September 6, 2022, a resident shared a picture with CitySpidey showing the TDS of water to be 2000. They allege that this water is unfit for drinking or even to bathe with. For this, residents demand an immediate investigation of the water supply by the Authority.

As opposed to the resident's allegations, officials from the Authority are claiming the water supplied by them has TDS under 300 and the reason responsible for high levels lies on the resident's end.

But a crucial question remains unanswered. Is the water supply being supplied by the Authority Ganga water or is it being mixed with underground water? To resolve the matter, Authority must clarify this and the residents too must reveal whether there is any loophole such as unclean tanks, or mixing of water on their part.

A high level of TDS in water can lead to several health problems. The presence of potassium, sodium, and chlorides increases the TDS level in the water which can lead to chronic health problems such as damage to the kidney, liver, cancer and loss of immunity. According to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), 500 ppm is the maximum amount of TDS in drinking water.

As per WHO, if the measurement is higher than 1200 ppm, it is unsafe to consume. CitySpidey reached out to some residents to know their views-

Residents of Lotus Panache suspect that the high level of TDS in their drinking water supply is responsible for the problems such as premature greying of hair, hair loss and irritation. Pushkar Raj Chandna, a resident of the society says, "My wife has lost a lot of her hair due to higher TDS. The levels are going as high as 1950. I have been complaining constantly for the past one and half years, yet no action has been taken."

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He continues, "Some officials from Noida Authority visited my place and promised to solve the problem in 2-3 months, but nothing happened. The Gangajal water has not been supplied yet. Why are they not giving me a total analysis report of water quality?  One sample would be enough to know what we are dealing with."

Keshav  Mittal, a resident of Lotus Panache says, “I think they are short of Ganga water. On August 6, the TDS was 1800 and again, it is 2000. We want Noida Authority to tell us how much Ganga water they are giving and what is the TDS level?"

Mohit Mongi, a resident OF Lotus Panache says, “The whole society is dealing with this problem. We have approached the Noida Authority many times. They say that we are given a supply of good water, but when we measure it here, the TDS level turns out to be very high."

We asked Mohit Mongia if residents are mixing the water. On this Mohit says, “No, we are not mixing the water. If you will check the inlet of the pipe from where the Noida authority’s water comes, you will find a 2000+ TDS level."

CitySpidey reached out to Avinash Tripathi, OSD Water, Noida Authority. He says, “TDS of the water provided by us is maximum 300. Higher TDS is being reported majorly in those societies which are using tube wells and mixing it with normal water. Algae fungus could be another reason for high TDS. Regular cleaning of tanks is also important. We will visit Lotus Panache soon, and check the TDS ourselves."