RWA Sector-51 raise poor condition of C block parks
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RWA Sector-51 raise poor condition of C block parks

Authority does not respond to RTIs: RWA

RWA Sector-51 raise poor condition of C block parks

Noida: A community park is the only natural setting for residents in a concrete jungle. However, their purpose has been defeated in sector 51, block C as the parks have been left unmaintained. Sector 51 RWA has expressed strong displeasure over the poor condition of both the parks located in the C Block of the sector. In this context, a letter has been sent to the CEO of Noida Authority, Ritu Maheshwari, urging to improve the condition of the parks for residents.

The first look of the park reflects utter neglect. Broken dustbins and barren patches can be seen all over the park. In the letter, members of RWA allege that the contractor does not take any steps toward maintaining the park. The letter further points out that no worker has been dedicated to look after the cleanliness of the parks. This is the reason despite it being monsoons, the grass has become dry. Moreover, there is no greenery in the park.

According to the RWA, a complaint regarding this matter was filed by the CEO even four months ago, but the matter has not been investigated. The RWA says that if the officials from Authority don't check the parks in the area, the contractor will not work, and the bills will be passed without inspection, how will the city ever become clean and attractive?

Sanjeev Kumar, General secretary of Sector-51 RWA, says, "There is a constant request from residents of C Block to improve the condition of the work. The contractor does not take any action to preserve the parks in good condition or maintain the greenery. Despite it being monsoon season, the park's grass has dried up."

Furthermore, he asserts that the authorities of the Horticulture Department are not paying attention while the contractor has allegedly been receiving maintenance fees regularly from the Authority for these parks.

Therefore, the RWA has requested Maheshwari to take decisive action to address this issue and direct the Horticulture Department and the contractor to pay close attention to the upkeep and cleanliness of the parks.

Additionally, the RWA expressed dissatisfaction in the letter over the numerous RTIs filed by them for information from the Noida Authority through the online medium, which they allege were not answered. They also demand a copy of the agreement or contract with the Noida Authority of all the parks of Sector 51 to the RWA.