Percy Jackson and the Olympians, teaser out
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, teaser out

The TV adaptation will air on Disney plus Hotstar

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, teaser out

The teaser of the most anticipated Percy Jackson TV adaptation is here! Surely fans of the books must have started screaming the moment they got the update.

The trailer starts the same way the first book did, with Percy warning us that the life of a half-blood (the children of the Greek gods) is scary and will most likely get you killed.

The audio plays over clips of camp half-blood, the home of demigods. This, from what we can tell, has been designed with extreme accuracy to the source material, from the costumes to the forest and cabins this looks like the faithful adaptation that fans have long been waiting for.

Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series while talking about the teaser says, "By the way, those owls in the trees? Those are legit owls who just happened to be in the trees on the day we were filming at camp. I think Athena was giving us her blessing!"

He adds, "Obviously, this is a super short, super early look at the series. We don’t even get to see Annabeth and Grover yet in these shots, but all in due time, and when you see what else is coming, wow. It will be worth the wait!"