Watch out for this accident-prone area in Noida

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Dec 03, 2016

Rampant violation of traffic rules has caused a roughly 2-km-long stretch in Noida, to become an accident-prone zone. This stretch is between a nursery in Sector 91 and a circle next to Exotica Fresco Apartments in Sector 137. The past 10 days have observed two vehicular collisions here.

The frequent accidents, caused mainly due to commuters taking the wrong way and driving rashly, have caused residents of the sector to launch a Twitter campaign against the apathy of the Noida traffic police. According to them, despite the issue being brought to their notice several times, no action has been taken. 

Pramod Taragi, a resident who tagged Noida traffic police on Twitter in an image of two collided vehicles, said he had been witnessing vehicle collisions every three or four days. "They responded saying the complaints had been forwarded to the concerned officers, but the problem is yet to be solved," said Taragi. "The stretch still remains unmanned. Emboldened by the absence of police in the area, commuters continue to drive recklessly."

Another resident of the same sector, Nandini Srivastava, said it had been a while that she had lodged a complaint with the Senior Superintendent of Police, Noida, but there hadn't been any action. She said the cops should take immediate steps to prevent frequent accidents on the stretch.
Dinesh Dwivedi, another resident, said there were four spots on the stretch that were especially prone to accidents. "One of them is a blind spot at the T-point near the nursery," said Dwivedi. "One has to be really careful while taking a right turn from here, as vehicles move in both directions and most of them are travelling at a high speed. A traffic signal needs to be installed here." 
Dwivedi said that the other two spots were near the upcoming Metro station in Sector 136. There are a number of people driving on the wrong side of the road," said Dwivedi. "Speed breakers on the road to Paramount Floraville Apartments will help reduce the chance of accidents on this stretch." 
City Spidey discussed the matter with PP Singh, SP Traffic, Noida. "We will conduct a thorough inspection of the road to see how this problem can be addressed," he said. "Merely installing speed breakers and a traffic signal will not serve the purpose. As far as violation of traffic rules is concerned, we will introduce a system to levy a fine on violators." 


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