Enjoy the rain with these evening snacks!
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Enjoy the rain with these evening snacks!

Tea and pakoras is an age old monsoon tradition

Enjoy the rain with these evening snacks!

While you don't need an excuse to indulge in street treats, isn't the weather simply begging you to binge some warm crispy snacks. Monsoon is the season when your heart and brain start to feel hungry by default. So when it's pouring outside, your heart craves mouth-watering Indian favorites. Now it's time to satisfy your hunger. Don't worry! We've compiled a list of foods that are associated with the monsoon season.


When it rains, the first thing that comes to mind is “Chai Pakoda.” Deep-fried, gently flavoured fritters dusted with chaat masala are perhaps the finest. Pakode comes in a wide range of flavours, including aloo, onion, spinach, paneer and chicken pakoda. Ajwain leaf pakode, makes our rain special. So go ahead and cook the fritters and serve them with zingy pudina chutney and munch away.


Samosas are an old favourite when it comes to rain. The comfort of crispy samosas with hot stuffing on a cold day knows no bound. Samosas hold a sweet spot in every Indian's heart. Samosas are made with aloo, aloo matar, paneer, or mutton. The reaction is always the same, no matter what's inside this three-sided basket of deliciousness - “So Good!” Combine it with a steaming cup of masala chai and you've got yourself a match made in heaven.

Anda parantha

When it's pouring, this one is the perfect protein pack crunchie bread and it is wonderful for a monsoon breakfast or even as an evening snack. Of course, paranthas are the favourite Indian staple food, we can always eat any paratha of our choice to relish the weather.


You didn't imagine this list would be complete without our classic noodles i.e, Maggi, right? This is a popular snack year-round. There is no age limit. There is no time limit. The sun or the clouds but when it pours, noodles work like a magic wand.


When it's raining outside, this famous vegetarian snack is the ideal thing to eat. The stuffing for kachoris is made using roasted gram flour, coconut, clove powder, cinnamon powder, peanut, cumin, and cardamom, among other ingredients. It's then deep-fried to create fluffy, we're sure that these crunchy kachoris will fill your stomach but not your heart.

Aloo chat

It is always said that you should avoid eating street food during the monsoon season because the danger of infection is high. However, this does not rule out the possibility of recreating your favourite street meals at home. Aloo chaat from Delhi is a potato lover's dream come true. Masalas smeared all over sizzling hot potatoes.


Monsoon isn't complete without corn. On a rainy day, roasted corn is always a great snack. Also, there's a huge variety of corn like spicy corn, sweet corn and even corn bhel provide the perfect balance of sour and spicy flavours.


Last but not the least, why must we forget Delhi’s favourite snack or momos. Momos are something that can cheer Delhi’s mood in all seasons. Rain is the perfect occasion for hot and juicy momos. These momos have a delicious filling of veggies, chicken, paneer, and even cheese. Momos can surely add joy to the rain!

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