Dwarka, sector 13: Curtains to go up today evening at the Sampoorn Bal Ramleela
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Dwarka, sector 13: Curtains to go up today evening at the Sampoorn Bal Ramleela

The final preparations and stage rehearsals are going on

Dwarka, sector 13: Curtains to go up today evening at the Sampoorn Bal Ramleela

Dwarka: The staging of Ramleela is all to start today and Ram Leela grounds are in the final stages of preparation. The recent rains which disrupted the preparations seem to have cleared now. On the evening of 26 September, the curtains will go up at the Sampoorn Bal Ramleela too (Sector 13) where the highlight is that all the actors on the stage are children. CitySpidey visited the Ramlila ground to see the final rehearsals and the ongoing preparations.

Harish Kochar, General Secretary, says “The preparations and stage rehearsals are going on but we still have so many things left to do. Because of the rain, the work is already delayed but now we are trying our level best to finish whatever is left.”

Harish Kochar

He adds, “The special attraction of our Ramleela this year will be the main entrance gate which is designed as India Gate. The gate is 32 ft and we choose this design as a dedication to the 75th year of independence of our country. Kids work very hard every year for this Ramleela. Last year we organised an online Ramleela but this year people are excited to see everything live after a long wait of 2 years.”

Pritima Khandelwal, the President, says “We started this Ramleela with kids to build that ‘Sanskar’ in the kids so, they could imbibe the qualities from the character of Rama and also know the story of Ramayan. Around 30 schools and 3000 kids are participating in this Ramleela. Dandiya, food, games, rides and many things are ready to entertain the people of Dwarka.”

Pritima Khandelwal

In this Sampoorn Bal Rameela, people are going to see different children playing the characters of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Ravan and other characters every day. Different schools perform different sequences of Ramayan every day and that is a unique element of this Bal Ramleela.

Manmohan, Vice President, says “Because of rain we postponed the dandiya programe but it will take place today around 8 pm. This is the first ever Ramleela where every age group of children are participating. Final rehearsals are going on at full pace.”


Bhushan Kumar, Volunteer coordinator says, “After 2 years people are going to see this grand celebration. Many people have been coming here here just to see the rehearsals and how things will take place. Yes, rain delays and disruptions hindered our preparations but lord Ram is with us. Kids are very excited that they are going to perform on stage after so long and this reflects in their energy.”

Bhushan Kumar

Arya Sharma, a student of Vishwa Bharti Public School, says “I’m happy that I and my friends are performing and we are still rehearsing and we are excited about our today’s performance.”

Jaswant Singh, a worker says, “Because of rain we faced loss because things were ruined and decorations were spoiled but still after 2 years we are finally working and things are back to normal.”

Jaswant Singh
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Dwarka people are ready to play dandiya and ready to celebrate this festive season and from today night, the fun will begin.