Dwarka- CitySpidey holds SpideyChef in Rajasthan Apartments
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Dwarka- CitySpidey holds SpideyChef in Rajasthan Apartments

Some unique recipes won everyone's hearts at the competition

Dwarka- CitySpidey holds SpideyChef in Rajasthan Apartments

When it comes to food, the best dishes often come from communities and families, with recipes being passed on for centuries. To recognise the cooking talent of the Dwarka community, Cityspidey, a community-lifestyle web portal is hosting SpideyChef competitions where participants from all over Dwarka come with their best dishes.

This time, SpideyChef took place at Rajasthan Apartments. Participants from Dwarka, aged from 12 to 70 years old, arrived with flavourful delights. These included authentic South Indian, Rajasthani and Bihari food along with festival unique Indian sweets. Moreover, continental cuisine and desserts were ample too. The event was presented by Venkateshwar hospital, co-sponsored by Sanjeevani Ayurveda, Max drycleaners, rising star and Zayra London cosmetics. The event was judged by cooking expert Ila Gupta, Pastry chef Prateek, and food critic Asheesh Mamgain.

Unique recipes won everyone's hearts at the competition. Judges loved how participants turned nutritional food into something yummy.  Healthy and tasty fusion included dishes such as Black Channa soup and 'Pan Panna Cotta' the mousse which had the flavour of refreshing Pan in it.

Anisha from Dwarka came first with her Mexican platter. This included Mexican Beans salad, Banana Chia Seeds pudding in Almond Milk and Tofu served with Brown Rice. Nita Gupta came second for her North Indian snacks including stuffed dahi vada, malpua and kachalu chaat. Kajal Sharma bagged the third prize for her delicious Rajma Brownie.

The purpose of these events is to bring community integration. Moreover, all participants agreed that the feedback provided to them by the judges was truly valuable. It is worth noting that CitySpidey will organize more such events in future.

Credits: CitySpidey