World Podcast Day: Here is our list of the best of the lot
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World Podcast Day: Here is our list of the best of the lot

Crime Show, which debuted in 2021, fulfils its promise to provide a 'story about people'

World Podcast Day: Here is our list of the best of the lot

Sometimes listening with closed eyes can be calming in a world full of IG reels. If you share this feeling then you must also know that nowadays, there is a podcast for just about anything. Finding something to listen to next in a world overrun with hundreds of thousands of podcasts can be difficult. In the event of world Podcast day, we present to you some of the best podcasts that you can try.

Start with This


When a podcast entails homework, you can tell it enhances your intelligence. Every episode of "Start with This," the follow-up to the eerie podcast "Welcome to Night Vale," offers listeners something to consume and produce: typically a book or television programme in the first case and a writing assignment in the latter. The goal is to encourage you to be more creative, and the topics covered in each episode—from "Present Tense" to "Non-Lovecraftian Horror"—are satisfyingly diverse.

Philosophy Bites

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Plato and Nietzsche are still well-known today, but most philosophies are still somewhat obscure. Have you ever talked about how crucial metaphysics is to comprehend the world? Have you heard of verificationism? If you listened to this endearing UK podcast. Nigel  Warburton and David Edmonds, hosts of "Philosophy Bites," invite viewers for excellent introductions to the arguments, thinkers, and ideas that have influenced our world.

Crime Show

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Crime Show, which debuted in 2021, fulfils its promise to provide a  "story about people." And each episode occasionally provides a  stand-alone tale that does not merely rely on the dreadfully overdone  "women getting murdered" theme (though murder is a standard topic).  Other episodes feature scammers and identity thieves, while others feature ghosts. We even encounter a singer whose voice was appropriated by a successful imposter in one bizarre case. Not your  average true-crime podcast, this one

The Musafir Stories

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Saif Omar and Faiza Khan are the hosts of the Indian travel podcast  Musafir Stories, which debuted in 2017. The podcast features discussions about various travel places in India and interviews with travellers invited to share their journeys, experiences, travel tips,  and more.
To encourage people to travel, the twice-weekly podcast features a  wide variety of stories and goes beyond the ideal plan.

The Ranveer Show

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Ranveer Allahbadia, commonly known as Beer Biceps, hosts The Ranveer  Show, one of India's top podcasts. He is also a Youtuber and influencer. His podcast covers many subjects: motivation, career advice, lifestyle, health, and fitness. From Arnold Schwarzenegger to  A R Rahman, he has entertained several Indian and international luminaries from various fields.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty


The show, hosted by a British Indian author, former monk, and purpose coach Jay Shetty, aims to assist viewers in overcoming daily challenges and cultivating greater mindfulness.
This self-help podcast has fascinating interviews with wise people worldwide and releases new episodes every Monday and Friday.