This Diwali, try these trendy wall panelling ideas for your home
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This Diwali, try these trendy wall panelling ideas for your home

Preparations are made in advance to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the households

This Diwali, try these trendy wall panelling ideas for your home

Every year, there is a particular time when we all want to give a facelift to our home. Dussehra is just around the corner and so is Diwali. With festive discounts and celebratory vibes, this may be the right time to invest in some home decor.

A home renovation is incomplete without a new coat of paint with holiday-themed wall colours. Traditionally, the entire house is meticulously cleaned, painted, and decorated as part of the celebrations. Preparations are made in advance to welcome Goddess Lakshmi into the households. Decorating your walls with bright colours and new techniques can give a fresh look to your house.

Board-and-Batten Wall Panelling Designs

These wall panels with a geometric appearance are an accepted method to revamp your room. There are numerous examples of board and batten wall panelling styles in European residences from the early 20th century. The method essentially connects the adjacent panels. The 'batten' in turn conceals the board ridge joints. The battens are occasionally utilized for merely ornamental purposes, though.

This method is excellent for adding accent walls. The same is true if you feel your home lacks texture.

Mirror Wall Panels

Don't know how to choose the ideal wall panels for your little house? Choose mirrors to ease your concerns. They might be a fantastic option for little homes. Consider mirror wall panels to lengthen the room by adding depth and volume. This is an excellent space-saving method to employ in cramped spaces.

Wooden Wall Design

These wall panels have continuous angular patterns, although they are constructed from beadboards. Half or a third of the lower portion of the wall is covered by wainscoting.

Wainscoting serves a protective function rather than being used for accent walls as a wooden wall panelling design does. For instance, in rooms for children with higher foot traffic, they can be utilized to protect your walls from damage. These wall panels can also be employed to provide aesthetic appeal.

Raised and Flat Wall Panels

Panelling concepts for Indian homes are growing in popularity. Panels are rectangular or square boxes that resemble portrait moulds. These wall panels, frequently made of solid wood, were standard in enormous Victorian mansions with lavish interiors. This method draws attention to a space's height and size. Therefore, using them in a small house might not be perfect.

Raised panels' modern relatives are flat wall panels. The distinction? They have rounded edges that almost blend into the walls. On the other hand, as their name implies, raised wall panels are raised somewhat above the wall. In truth, flat wall panelling ideas are prevalent among homeowners and reflect contemporary design aesthetics.

Wall Panels With Metal Grids

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If you are looking for a more contemporary take on board-and-batten wall panelling this Diwali for your space then Metal grids are an intriguing alternative to wall panels. Installing them doesn't require going above and above because they may be included in your current design.