World Taco Day: Tacos with Indian tadka!
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World Taco Day: Tacos with Indian tadka!

Indians have an Indianised version of every cuisine in their pantries

World Taco Day: Tacos with Indian tadka!

In the world of food, one would realise that Mexican and Indian food have a lot of similarities. Both cuisines share the same ingredients in their food like different kinds of beans and flatbreads just like rotis and dals in our Indian delicacies.

Moreover, both Indians and Mexicans are inseparable with their spices: the fusion of both cuisines form are unique and unforgettable bond. Indians have thus created a native brand of Mexican food. Tacos is one of the most popular food item loved by Indians. Every restaurant and food stalls serve a variety of tacos with unique fillings.

Some of the unique and flavourful varieties of tacos are:

Paneer Tacos

Credits: Profusion Curry

Flavourful in every bite! Marginate your paneer into Mexican species, as these spices quickly adapt to Indian cuisines. Mix it up to your paneer with choices of veggies you want, and add sauces for the tangy and juicy bites.

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Spicy Aloo Tacos

Credits: Archana's Kitchen

Aloo is the most adjustable vegetable and gets mixed with anything. Boil your potatoes; after boiling them, add the masala you like with chopped onions and tomatoes with a hint of coriander. Make these tacos healthy with the leftover rotis; food wastage is unacceptable, so reuse your rotis and convert them into tacos. Fill the rotis with aloo stuffing, toss little cheese over them, pour a few drops of oil on the hot tawa, throw the roti tacos, and heat them from both sides. Voila, your spicy aloo tacos and ready!

Fried Chicken Taco


Fried chicken with the inside filing of tomato, mozzarella, lettuces, and red onions filled with various Indian spices. Toss your chicken breast into your Indian spices, keep this aside for almost one hour, then fry your chicken breast into hot oil until golden and brown. Chop your crispy chicken breast into small pieces, add all your side ingredients, toss them inside your tortillas, and enjoy your Indianised version of tacos!

Mix Veggies Tacos!

Credits: CitySpidey

Chop your veggies into small pieces just like you cook your mixed veg sabzi. Mix vegetable sabzi is loved by almost every Indian. But this time, you won't be eating your mix veg with roti but in a little twisted and unique way. Choose your favourite veggies, whatever you want to eat, chop them and cook them just like you cook your regular sabzi. After your sabzi is done, heat your tortillas and fill them with your traditional Indian mix veg; add a bit of mozzarella cheese for the extra taste. You can serve it with coriander and pudina chutney instead of regular salsa dip.

Fish Tikka Tacos!

Credits: Easy Cooking with Molly

Start by mixing your fish tikka in a bowl to marinade. The fish is susceptible, so try not to break the pieces. In a non-stick frying pan, heat a teaspoon of oil. Add your fish and heat them evenly on both sides. When your fish is cooked, grab your crunchy tacos. Don’t forget your chopped veggies, onions and tomatoes. Add your fish tikka pieces and the sauce. A bit of a good spoonful of sour cream. Finally, decorate with coriander and a generous squeeze of lime juice for added zing.

On the occasion of World Taco Day, try these beautiful zingy tacos and enjoy eating!

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