Special Dussehra recipes that are considered auspicious
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Special Dussehra recipes that are considered auspicious

Festive foods also play a big part in celebrations.

Special Dussehra recipes that are considered auspicious

Finally, a time has come when we can enjoy festivals freely, and one of the most popular celebrations in India Dussehra is here. It is also known as Vijayadashami, which occurs on the tenth day of the Navratri festival. It is observed in various ways around the country, but its central message is the triumph of good over evil. Like most other festivals, festive foods also play a big part in celebrations.

Dal Paratha and Kheer

Without Dal Paratha and Kheer's consumption, UP's festival celebrations are incomplete. During the morning prayer of Dussehra, parathas made of cooked chana dal, carom seeds, and salt are offered to the deity. It is thought that eating this delicacy will bring luck, good health, and wealth to the household.

Mootichoor Laddoo

Hanuman Ji's love for these ladoos is well-known among his devotees. Eating desi ghee motichoor laddoo on Dussehra is believed to bring happiness and sweetness to our lives. 


Eating rasgulla on Vijayadashami is considered auspicious in West Bengal. Rasgullas are a unique offering for both Dussehra and Navratri in the City of Joy and are made with milk, chenna, and sugar.


According to old mythologies, paan honours the "victory of good over wrong" and serves as a sign of love and respect. Kumbhakana and Meghnath purportedly ate paan on the day of Vijayadashami to celebrate Lord Ram's victory and show their joy. Eating pan on this day is a common custom in Bihar and UP.


In India, it is customary to have Dahi-cheeni before beginning a new activity. It's said that the practice is lucky. The custom is continued throughout the Dussehra celebration. According to historians, women in Orissa also bring cooked rice soaked in water and curd to Goddess Durga, after which the rite of Ravana Dahan is carried out.


Jalebi for festival mornings can be the perfect way to start your day. Some even believe that jalebi dipped in milk can treat migraines, which are extremely common in October because of the warmer days and cooler nights.

Sweet Dosa

On the day of Dussehra, a Sweet Dosa is the ideal Karnataka food and is prepared to bring luck. This dish, made with coconut, rice flour, wheat flour, jaggery or sugar, and other ingredients, is also served as prasad during Dussehra.

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