Prateek Laurel AOA elections: Things are heating up
Prateek Laurel AOA elections: Things are heating up
Ramesh Kumar
Prateek Laurel AOA elections: Things are heating up
Photo: Samrat Roy

Prateek Laurel AOA elections: Things are heating up

Aggressive campaigning by the contesting parties for the Prateek Laurel AOA elections has turned the event rather interesting. The election for this Noida Sector 120 society is scheduled to be held on December 11. 

With Team For Change (TFC), one of the parties, leaving no stone unturned to woo voters, the election will not be a cakewalk for the ruling residents' group, HTC (Honest, Transparent and Committed). Both the parties have filed nine candidates.

Sandeep Singh, former president of the Prateek Laurel AOA, who is contesting the election from HTC this year as well, seems confident. "Prominent faces such as Atul Thakoor and Parvesh Naini are not contesting from the opposition party this time, which will be a major setback," said Singh. "Even if the party comes to power, it will not be able to run the resident body properly. HTC will win the election this time too.”  

TFC had boycotted the election in April 2016, demanding fresh polls for all nine posts of the society's managing committee. They had also lodged a complaint with Deputy Registrar, Meerut, against the ruling group, claiming that the election had violated the society's by-laws. Following this, the Deputy Registrar had dissolved the society's AOA. 

Uday Jain, a contestant from TFC, is also confident of winning the election by a huge margin. He said that although Atul Thakoor and Parvesh Naini had decided to not contest the election this time because of personal work, they were taking part in the TFC campaigns. "The fact that they are not contesting will not affect our chances," said Jain.

Jain said the society had organised Q&A sessions (referred to as talk shows) for residents on December 7, in which about 35 residents participated. Candidates from TFC turned up to answer resident questions, whereas HTC candidates chose to stay away. 

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