Aradhana Das Sinha: A dancer, teacher, cyclist and an inspiration for many
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Aradhana Das Sinha: A dancer, teacher, cyclist and an inspiration for many

She started her dance school named Aradhana Nrutya Kendra in 2010

Aradhana Das Sinha: A dancer, teacher, cyclist and an inspiration for many

Dwarka- If you are a Dwarka resident, you must have come across Aradhana Das sometime or other. She is the founder of the cycling group 'Urban Cyclist Dwarka'. Aradhna Das Sinha, 42, says, “I love cycling and because of my daily life routine, it was left behind. However, in 2020, I started cycling again and my husband joined me. Slowly, our neighbours and friends started joining us. After a few months, in October 2020, we formed ‘Urban cyclist Dwarka'. We started with 6 people and now, we are a family of 60. Surely, the number will keep increasing.”

What you perhaps don't know is that Aradhna is a lady of many talents. Every day, Aradhna manages her time between training, cycling, teaching and dedicating time to her family. Aradhna highlights that women take care of everyone but forget to take care of themselves. Women need to find time for themselves. They must do something that they enjoy, which would boost their physical and mental health.

She says, "I like to inspire people and want to help them so, I'm trying my best and my family and students are happy with what I'm doing and supporting me."

Aradhana learnt dancing from her mother Guru Basanti Mishra at the age of 5 years old. She is an acclaimed dancer and choreographer with a diploma in Odissi dance. Over the years, Aradhana has given numerous performances at various programmes in Delhi.

"Everything I learned till now about Odissi dance and life has been taught by my mother. Still, when I do something wrong, my mother calls me and scolds me. Also, when she comes to meet me, she teaches me about how can I improve my dancing skills."

She started her dance school named Aradhana Nrutya Kendra at her residence in Sarvhit Apartment, sector 17. Aradhana shares that she began her dance school which later increased to 5. Slowly, more people found about about her Nrutya Kendra and now she is teaching 50 students. "Some of my students are learning Odissi dance from me at the age of 3 or LKG-UKG class. My first student Harshita Gautam is my senior student and she still learns from me and has performed at various events." The Institute was registered and founded in the year 2010 and later got affiliated with Pracheen Kala Kendra in 2015.

Aradhana while sharing her most memorable performance says, "I have a twin boy and girl and on mother's day, I got a chance to perform with them. I performed the Odissi dance with my daughter which reminded me of the time when I used to dance with my mother. I also performed with my son on one of lord Krishna's songs. That moment was very special for me and my favourite performance until now."

CitySpidey also talked to some students of Aradhna who shared their views with us-

Vaishanavi Bisht (16), a resident of Sector 18, Dwarka and first and senior student of Aradhana, says " I started learning Odissi dance from Aradhana ma'am when I was 3 years old. My parents know her and they ensured that I learn the form. However slowly, I started to enjoy the form. I have performed at various events with Aradhana ma'am and my dancing group."

Vaishanavi Bisht

Harshita Gautam (17), a resident of Sector 17, Dwarka says, "Aradhana ma'am performed in my society and she was looking amazing in the attire. I liked her performance and I instantly wanted to learn the form. I asked my parents to talk to her and that's how I joined her school in 2014."

Harshita Gautam
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