Shahi Tukda at Cool Point- the richest dessert of Old Delhi!
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Shahi Tukda at Cool Point- the richest dessert of Old Delhi!

Shahi tukda is a mughaliya dessert that originated in Hyderabad

Shahi Tukda at Cool Point- the richest dessert of Old Delhi!

Long after the Mughals left their abodes in Delhi's Shahjahahanbad, their presence is still felt in the sumptuous feasts of shahi cuisine that invite many food lovers to the old part of the city. When we say shahi, we refer to the buttery, rich bread, gravies and desserts prepared at eateries here. Given the scale of oil and sugar, these streets are certainly not for the weight conscious.

While many come here for the kebabs, the desserts in the part are an added treat. Among these, the richest (and heaviest) would perhaps be the shahi tukda. Shahi tukda is a mughaliya dessert that originated in Hyderabad. It is loaded with lots of ghee, cream, nuts, and a generous amount of rabdi on top. Many places sell Shahi Tukda in Matia Mahal, but no one can beat the taste served at Cool Point. They are the original Shahi Tukda sellers in old Delhi.

Right when you enter the Matia mahal, a few steps, you would find the Cool Point on your right. A large utensil filled with golden shahi tukda and topped with red cherries graces you. Alongside, there is fresh rabdi to neutralize the sweetness.

During Summers, Shahi Tukda, with mango ice cream and rabdi is the most famous order at Cool Point. After listening to this unique combination, CitySpidey talked to one of the customers enjoying it at the shop. Ehsaan Raja Ansari from Delhi says, "I come here for this dessert every Sunday. The ice cream adds a coolness making it more Summer perfect."

Along with Shahi Tukda, people also enjoy rabdi, badam milk, homemade ice creams, and ras malai.  The place's popularity can be gauged by the long crowd seen every day near it and especially during the Ramzan.

With their hit range of desserts, Cool Point has been in business for decades. It was started in the 1980s by the name of Shahi Tukda Cool Point by Maula Baksh, who was the 1st generation. After he died, the shop owner was his son Abdul Sattar, and after him, the 3rd generation was Shahid Sheikh. Right now, Shahnawaz Sheikh runs the shop in Jama Masjid. Sheikh told CitySpidey that they have five or six branches and they also have a website where people place their orders (

Shahnawaz says that the secret to the rich taste is that they make their own bread which provides a natural taste. He further added that their shahi tukda is delivered to most of the famous restaurants in the area as dessert. These include Al Jawahar and Kareem's.

If you want a slice of this rich dessert, head to Cool Point. Cool Point also has branches now at Zafrabad and Shahin Bagh.

On the ocasion of World Food Day, this story has been replugged.