Noida Authority takes up ways to improve air quality
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Noida Authority takes up ways to improve air quality

Poor AQI poses a concern ahead of Diwali in Delhi NCR

Noida Authority takes up ways to improve air quality

Noida Authority workers are installing anti-smog guns and sprinkling water in various areas to combat the deteriorating air quality. These would also help in mitigating dust pollution.

After the recent October rain spell, the air quality has worsened in Delhi NCR once again. This is a concern as Diwali is just around the corner. The Air Quality in Noida in October as of 1:30 pm according to Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board was 272 in Express Zenith, 219 in Knowledge Park 3, 265 in sector 1 Noida, and 206 in sector 62 Noida. All reflecting a poor AQI in Noida.

CitySpidey reached out to environmentalist Vikrant Tongad, a self-trained environmental conservationist. He says, "The depleting air quality is a perennial human concern for Delhi NCR. Especially during the Diwali season, people who have breathing issues and suffer from Asthma suffer a lot because of this. The AQI sometimes even touches 500."

Talking about the initiative, he says, "I do not think anti-smog guns or sprinkling water can improve air quality. This requires an implementation of the points stated under the Graded Response Action Plan. Moreover, improving Air Quality requires collective efforts from Authorities, governments and also individual steps by residents."

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We also tried to contact Noida Authority to gather their views on this but could not reach out.