Diwali 2022: How to prepare for Dhanteras puja
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Diwali 2022: How to prepare for Dhanteras puja

Dhanteras puja is performed to pray for a wealthy and healthy life

Diwali 2022: How to prepare for Dhanteras puja

Diwali 2022: Dhanteras, religiously known as Dhantrayodashi marks the first day of the five-day-long festival of Diwali in many regions. It is the thirteenth day of dark fortnight in the month of Kartik according to the Hindu calendar. This year Dhanteras is on 22nd October 2022.

On this day devotees worship maa Lakshmi, who is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity. People also pray to Lord Dhanvantri, Lord Kuber and Yama Dev to seek blessings for a healthy, long and content life.

According to the Hindu religion, Dhanteras puja is performed to pray for a wealthy and healthy life. It also performed to pray for financial business success, protect the families from illness and improve overall health.

Dhanteras Pooja Samagri

Here is the checklist of samagri to help you prepare for Dhanteras puja:
A wooden chowki to place idols of goddess/ god on an elevated place.
Clean and fresh yellow or red colour cloth to cover chowki. The red colour is a sign of purity and the yellow colour brings peace and happiness.
Images or idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Ganesh,  Dhanvantari or Lord Kubera
A silver or gold coin with images of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha engraved on it.
Lotus flowers to offer goddess Laxmi.
Flowers and Durva grass for Lord Ganesha
Tulsi leaves for Lord Dhanvantari
Two separate thamboolam is required for Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and  Lord Dhanvantari or Lord Kubera. The thamboolam consists of two paan leaves, supari, fruits, a whole coconut, haldi, kumkum, sweets and dakshna.
Gangajal, to purify the surroundings
Haldi which is considered  auspicious
Roli/ sindoor
Kalava, is sacred according to the Hindu religion, it also helps in circulating the body's blood properly and omits negative vibe.
 Earthen or brass lamp
Cotton wicks
Kapur (camphor)
Laung and Elaichi

You can get all of this puja samagri near your place, dedicated puja samagri shops, Kirana markets, malls, marts and shops around temples. You can also order these items online from websites like Amazon, Flipkart and many more.