Long weekend, but why's no one happy?
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Long weekend, but why's no one happy?

With banks remaining closed for three straight days, most plans of a getaway would need to be shelved. City Spidey finds out how residents are reacting to missed trips...

Long weekend, but why's no one happy?

What happens when you have a three-day weekend staring at you, and you got no cash on you? Cancel your long-awaited trip! With banks closed for three straight days, you might as well cancel your other mini plans, and prepare to queue up before the ATMs. City Spidey goes on a recce to find out how the city reacted.

Banks will remain shut for Eid on December 12.

Ravi Agrawal, a resident of Kirti Apartment in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Extension, works in a private firm in Sector 63 of Noida, and had been planning a trip to Kullu Manali with friends this weekend. It had to be cancelled of course! He fumes, "We had decided a few days back that we would share whatever cash we could manage, but we have managed too little to be able to go for a trip. It's so frustrating!"

There are others who have similar tales to tell.  

Retired government official Tribhuwan Singh, a resident of Rajdhani Apartments in Patparganj of East Delhi, says, "Both my son and daughter work in Bangalore. Last week, my son asked us to come down to Bangalore, from where we would have travelled to Shirdi. Of course that's not possible anymore. We cancelled our tour."

Bhagwat Swarup,  branch manager of Central Bank of India, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, adds, "The ATMs inside the bank premises would be closed till December 12. The supply of cash had been very low in the last three days -- we ran out of cash in no time."