Dwarka: Residents have mixed opinions about green crackers
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Dwarka: Residents have mixed opinions about green crackers

"Green crackers will not reduce noise pollution"

Dwarka: Residents have mixed opinions about green crackers

Dwarka: Diwali celebrations have begun and people of Dwarka are waiting to for the festival to arrive. To control the pollution caused by firecrackers, green crackers have made their way into markets as substitutes. However, amid the campaign for green crackers, concerns are voiced about whether they truly are a suitable substitutes for firecrackers or not.

To reduce pollution levels nationwide, Indian governments have outlawed the sale, purchase, and usage of firecrackers before Diwali 2022. However, the green crackers, which are claimed to be environment friendly, are more expensive than conventional crackers.

At the onset of the winter season, pollution levels start to rise in Delhi, and lighting firecrackers just makes matters worse. That is why, firecrackers are prohibited in many cities. On the other hand, certain localities including Delhi-NCR permitted the purchase and use of green fireworks.

Anyone found exploding or selling illegal firecrackers crackers on Diwali this year faces a fine of Rs 200 to Rs 5,000 and a sentence of six months to three years in prison.

CitySpidey talked to several residents of Dwarka to know what they think about these green crackers and crackers ban:

Vijay Bhardwaj, 25, a resident from Dwarka Sector 5 says

Vijay Bharadwaj

"I don't understand the concept of green crackers because they will cause pollution for sure, less or more, who knows. But yes, everyday pollution from vehicles, industries, burning plastic, and burning garbage is more than Diwali's one-day celebrations and the government needs to think about that too."

Aakash Kumar, 28, a resident of Dwarka Sector-8, says

Aakash Kumar

"We don't have to burst crackers to celebrate Diwali, it's not mandatory. Instead, we can celebrate Diwali in other ways. We can light a lamp, pray to God and share food and happiness. We can just sit and chill with our friends and family while watching  movies and call it a celebration. We can help the needy ones with new clothes and sweets, this will make you and them happy"

Shashi Kant, 37, a resident of Dwarka sector 23, says

Shashi Kant

"Jail for bursting fireworks? I really want to know the logic behind this decision, cracker ban is fine but why green crackers? We know that these green crackers will cause equal pollution because people are buying it in bunches. After two years, people are celebrating Diwali and green crackers will surely increase noise pollution. Who knows whether these green crackers are actually good for the environment or not."

Suman Bhushan, 36, a resident of Dwarka Sector 12, says

Suman Bhushan

"An absolutely good decision for our nature in some way but not for animals because during Diwali, animals suffer a lot, especially because of noise pollution. Green crackers will not reduce noise pollution and I think they will not control air pollution much as well."