Celebrating Julia Roberts's 55th birthday with her iconic films
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Celebrating Julia Roberts's 55th birthday with her iconic films

Pretty Women is the movie that permanently cemented Julia Roberts' reputation in the public eye

Celebrating Julia Roberts's 55th birthday with her iconic films

Julia Roberts, who can light up any room and anyone's mood with her million dollar smile, turns 55 today. In her extensive acting career panning three years, she has delivered some remarkable performances as an actor, which have turned iconic with time. On the occasion of her birthday, let's take a look at some of her best films-

Erin Brockovich (2000)

In this true-life courtroom dramedy that earned Roberts the best actress Oscar, Julia Roberts shines as an actor. She plays Erin to perfection, who isn't always pleasant, especially to other women, but her abrasiveness makes her such fun to watch, according to director Steven Soderbergh. Based on a true story, the movie makes for a very gripping watch.

Pretty Women (1990)

This is the movie that permanently cemented Julia Roberts' reputation in the public eye. Gary Marshall, the director of the film, rethought the film as a romantic comedy after it was initially planned as a sad, cautionary tale about the lives of Hollywood sex workers. Roberts was the critical casting decision. America was smitten the moment we saw that grin and heard that laugh. But Roberts and Richard Gere's on-screen chemistry was just as crucial to the movie's success. Roberts won her second Oscar and second Golden Globe for her portrayal of Vivian.

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Notting Hill (1999)

An iconic rom com, Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant take it to another level with their chemistry in this film. While Grant plays Will Thacker, a modest bookseller in the posh Notting Hill section of London, Roberts plays a very contrasting Anna Scott, a Hollywood star. One day, while Anna is visiting the Notting Hill area to promote her recent film, she crosses paths with Will as she visits his bookstore. They eventually fall in love as they get to know each other. Everything seems to be going well until Anna's annoying Hollywood boyfriend, Jeff King, played by Alec Baldwin, shows up. Yes, it makes for an adorable rom com plot. It is in this movie that Roberts delivers her iconic 'I am just a girl' dialogue. She also received a nomination for her fourth Golden Globe for her portrayal of Anna.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)

In the role of a restaurant critic Joanne Potter, who struck a deal with her closest friend Michael that if neither of them got married before the age of 28, they would get married to each other, Roberts again delivered an outstanding performance. Joanne is devastated when she receives an invitation to Michael's wedding to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz), a 20-year-old college student whom Michael had only recently met a few days before their 28th birthdays. This is unacceptable to Joanne, so he goes to the wedding to ruin this union. Roberts received a nomination for her third Golden Globe for her portrayal of Julianne.

Wonder (2017)

A 10-year-old boy with a rare facial deformity enrolls in school, where he must learn how to make friends and deal from bullies. It is a heartwarming ad heart-wrenching movie that will make you sob, without a doubt. While Julia Roberts is in a supportive role here, of the protagonist's mother, she manages to own every moment she's in the frame.

Closer (2004)

In Mike Nichols' adaptation of Patrick Marber's play with a London setting, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, and Roberts switch partners, indulge in adultery, and discuss adultery with brutal but not particularly intelligent honesty. Roberts plays a photographer in the film and even in her brief role, she makes sure that her acting stays with us.

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Steven Soderbergh's 'Ocean' series of movies are only a lark, an opportunity for cinema stars who are pals to relax and have themselves together, much like the 1960 Rat Pack original. Roberts may be seen in "Ocean's Eleven" (2002) and "Ocean's Twelve," the first two "Ocean" movies of the trilogy (2004). (In 2007, she skipped the last film, "Ocean's Thirteen"). While these movies aren't exactly meant to accommodate stellar performances, they're made to be entertaining, and Roberts, for one, seems to be having a lot of fun.