Ghaziabad Police Aapke Dwaar's 1st meeting held on December 11

Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Posted: Dec 11, 2016

Ghaziabad Police on December 11 held its first meeting with Indirapuram residents under its new initiative - Ghaziabad Police Aapke Dwaar. The meeting, organised by FedAOA, was conducted at the club house of Jaipuria Sunrise Greens, a society in Ahinsa Khand 1.  

Alok Kumar, FedAoA patron; Anil Kumar Yadav, CO Indirapuram zone; BR Zaidi, SHO Indirapuram police station, and members of several AOAs were some prominent figures present at the meeting. 

Issues such encroachments, sale and abuse of drugs in Indirapuram and conducting commercial activities such as PGs and small businesses like boutiques, small stores in flats were discussed at the meeting. 

“Encroachments around societies is a major issue that demands immediate attention," said Ravinder Saini, president of Sunrise Greens managing committee and general-secretary of FedAOA. "A large number of street vendors selling vegetables, fruits and food items have encroached upon the road outside our society, which causes a great deal of inconvenience for residents. A number of illegal cigarette kiosks have also cropped up near the societies."

Another problem is the autos parked outside societies in the evenings,” added Saini. Women present at the meeting also complained about auto drivers passing lewd comments and making inappropriate gestures.  

Residents present at the meeting also raised the concern that encroachments tend to serve as the perfect camouflage for petty criminals like snatchers and thieves and hence was a security threat.

Mohit Mishra, president of HRC Professional Hub AOA, said, "Sale and easy availability of narcotics around societies is influencing the several youngsters to develop a drug habit. Tikona Park in Vaibhav Khand has become a hotbed of drug users and peddlers alike. It is a grave concern we need immediate action on.”

Taking a note of the grievances, Anil Kumar Yadav, CO, Indirapuram Zone, assured a speedy action on the matters. “The police is aware and working on most of these problems for a while now and we are determined to solve the issues,” said Yadav. "We want an even more proactive public participation in addressing these issues, as it will help us eradicate these problems more effectively. We’ll be meeting more residents around Indirapuram and make this a habit." 

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