Dwarka's first steps towards a zero-waste environment
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Dwarka's first steps towards a zero-waste environment

Kudos to Dwarka Forum for conducting a workshop in Shivalik Apartments on waste management. It showed residents how they could start small at home but make a big impact on the larger environment.

Dwarka's first steps towards a zero-waste environment

Did you know you could create manure from kitchen waste in your very society? Or know which trash to dump and which to recycle? If you didn’t, Dwarka Forum (DF) just made things a lot easier.

It recently organised a workshop at Shivalik Apartments in Sector 6 to sensitise residents to waste management. Swarna Latha, an expert on the subject, gave a PowerPoint presentation on waste segregation to members of DF and the Shivalik managing committee.

Explaining the different types of waste, their segregation and health hazards, along with ways people can give back to the environment, she explained how residents could start a small waste-compost project in the society itself. It would not need much investment and could even be started at home, she assured.

“We can create manure from kitchen waste at the home or the society level,” she told those attending the workshop. “This can, in turn, be sold to the local market.”


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She differentiated between waste that should go to a dumpyard and that which could be recycled. She also touched upon the subject of e-waste and how it could be disposed of.

“Almost 60 per cent of the garbage that goes into dumps comes from our kitchen waste. We should all take the first step to composting this,” said Sudha Aiyer, vice-president of DF. “If we all start today, we will be able to make our environment a lot cleaner and pollution-free.”

“We urge all societies to take this initiative,” she added. “If an RWA or a CGHS would like to organise a waste-management presentation in its society, it can write in to us. We should all join hands to make Dwarka a zero-waste environment.”

Zero waste as a philosophy aims at the organic recycling and reuse of all waste matter, without the use of incinerators or landfills.

The workshop was also attended by Sushil Kumar, president of DF, and joint secretaries AS Chatwal, Madhury Varshney and Anoop Rohera.