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Sec 54, G'gaon: Robbers decamp with cash and valuables from Suncity Township

Posted: Dec 12, 2016     By Anil Manchanda

Robbers struck at a house in Suncity Township in Sector 54, Gurgaon, and decamped with some cash, USD 250, two gold sets and other valuables on December 10. The family staying at the house (No C-97) were out at the time of burglary and the house was locked.

Satyajit Singh, the owner of the house, told City Spidey that he was a retired bank manager and his son worked with an MNC. "On the night of December 10, we had gone out for some work," said Singh. "We came back to find the house ransacked and we immediately called up the police to report the incident.  

"There have been several thefts in the society of late," said VMK Singh, general-secretary of the society's RWA. "After every such incident, we have provided CCTV footages to the police. The police has done nothing about it. We demand senior police officials to intervene and take necessary action. The developer also has a role to play in these burglaries as a few months back, it dismantled the society gates without any notice. Such incidents have gone up ever since."

Another resident of the colony, Dheeraj Kumar, is also concerned about the society's security. "With so many incidents of crime being reported in the society, we don't feel safe going out at night," said Kumar. It is not even safe to leave our house for a day. I'm really scared about the safety of my family. Why isn't the police doing anything about it?" 

Sector-56 Police Station SHO Arvind Singh said "We have registered a case against unknown burglars and the investigation is on," said Arvind Singh, SHO at Sector 56 police station. "We are going through the CCTV footage and hope to catch the robbers soon."

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