GreNo: Dog shelter outside Arihant Ambar triggers dispute
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GreNo: Dog shelter outside Arihant Ambar triggers dispute

The shelter was removed by the cops on Sunday evening, October 30, 2022

GreNo: Dog shelter outside Arihant Ambar triggers dispute

Greater Noida: The dog biting cases in Noida and Greater Noida has become a prevalent issue in these areas lately. The issue has divided people into two sections. There are people who are terrified of stray dogs because of so many dog bite cases and there are dog lovers who are of the opinion that dogs should be allowed inside the society premises.

A similar new dispute has arisen in Arihant Ambar, a residential society in Sector 1, GreNo. According to some residents, a few days back, a stray gave birth to five puppies. The dog lovers who used to feed that dog then made a temporary shelter for it and the puppies in the green belt outside the society. However, the shelter was removed by the cops on Sunday evening, October 30, 2022 after residents complained about this issue, as they believe that the green space is designated as a children's play area.

Amit Gupta, General Secretary of the society, says, "The dog lovers from our society have illegally encroached on some of the society's greenbelt areas about 15 by 20 feet and built a shelter for the stray dogs. There are so many dog bite cases that people are afraid to leave their children alone. No one feels safe, so we called the cops to solve the issue. In case, if dog bites happen, no one will take responsibility. No Dog lover can bring the seven-month-old child back to life who died in Lotus Boulevard Society."

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Amit also adds that the maintenance team gave no permission to the dog lovers for creating a dog shelter. "The dog lovers approached us a week ago about the dog shelter, and we told them that we would let you know what could be done. They wanted to create a proper place where even dog breeding could be done, and this is not possible in a residential society where thousands of people are terrified of dogs," says he.

However, the dog lovers deny all allegations and claim that they obtained permission from the society's maintenance department, which agreed to it and is now denying the same.

Deepti Chhabra, one of the dog lovers in the society, says, "A few days back, a dog gave birth to 5 puppies. The mother dog was in bad condition and needed care so to protect and feed them until they are adopted, the maintenance head allotted us a place."

She also claims that plastic nets were placed to protect the puppies while the adoption process was underway, and that plastic nets cannot be considered permanent structures. She also claims that a few members of the society destroyed the feeding point for the strays. The dog lovers' group now requests that the authority designates a convenient feeding location to avoid social unrest.