Noida: Cyclists group facing problems due to 'severe' air quality
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Noida: Cyclists group facing problems due to 'severe' air quality

Cycling teams such as SWAG and G-NAR are raising concerns over worsening environmental conditions

Noida: Cyclists group facing problems due to 'severe' air quality

Noida: The air quality of Noida has turned 'severe' with an AQI above 400. A thick layer of smog can be seen looming over Noida's sky, causing inconvenience to the residents of Noida. The cyclist groups in Noida and Greater Noida are also facing several problems due to the increase in pollution. Cyclist groups from across Noida and Greater Noida claim that the air quality is deteriorating causing lack of visibility. The air quality, particularly in Noida, was classified as 'severe' after reaching 422 in Sector 62.

Cycling teams such as SWAG (Super Women's Athlete Group) and G-NAR (Greater Noida Active Riders), as well as many individual cyclists from the city, are raising concerns over the worsening environmental conditions in the city during the winter. "We promote cycling for health and a healthy environment, but how can we move outside in such bad weather?" says a cyclist who wishes to remain anonymous.

Greater Noida Active Riders

Ritesh Mishra, Admin & an active rider of Cycling group G-NAR (Greater Noida active riders) says, "AQI Level is very poor, which is directly impacting our health. We are regular cyclists  and we ride between 5-7 am. During this time, the smog mixed with pollution can be seen everywhere. Pre-Diwali, we used to ride with 30-45 riders on regular days, but due to pollution after Diwali, only 10-15 riders joined."

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Another rider from the G-NAR team, Somnath Singh, says, "We must encourage the usage of public transport and carpooling. Strict pollution tests for vehicles, and spray water on roads and construction sites should be done. N95 masks should be used while going out. We all have to take precautions. However, the authorities should also take note of the situation and make things better."

Rajiva Singh, an active rider and athlete from Greater Noida West, says, "Large growth of residential societies, primarily as a result of a large influx of a migratory population of job seekers, has necessitated the need for strong measures to ensure that industries and residents can coexist."

Rajiva Singh

He further says, "We have air pollution issues in surrounding areas of Sec 60, where the industries emit unpleasant gaseous odor regularly. This has an impact on neighboring sectors 61, 62, 63, 70,71, 56,57, and 59. Wind directions play a critical role in the spread of this polluted air. To resolve this issue, immediate corrective action is required."

Bhawna Gaur, Founder of SWAG, says, "Cycling is a stress buster, and it re-energizes the body and soul. Air pollution is at its peak these days in Greater Noida West. It feels like a thick envelope of smog is there. All of our team members do daily cycling at 4:30 am. Some members are experiencing breathing difficulties, eye itching, and allergic flu-like symptoms due to the pollution."

SWAG group