Winter fashion trends for 2022
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Winter fashion trends for 2022

Low-waisted trousers may be making a comeback.

Winter fashion trends for 2022

Winter is almost approaching, and we can't help but start thinking about what we'll be wearing during the peak season when the weather suddenly changes. Luckily, even though it will be cold outdoors, the runways have given us enough trends to consider. There is something for everyone, from oversized to leather pants that will make you feel like you're covered in a blanket to going old school cargo pants.

Oversized clothing

From shirts to sweaters, everything we wear in 2022 is oversized and with that, we officially declare the winner for winter fashion is oversized clothing. Both street style enthusiasts and runway designers welcomed pleasantly slouchy upsizing, as shown on Squid Games star HoYeon Jung for Louis Vuitton FW22. Oversized is comfortable and very chic. Wear it with jeans and some loose bottoms with chunky shoes, and you are good to go.

Balaclavas and bonnets, boosted

Don't assume that the balaclava has disappeared. There's no doubt that these head coverings have a firm hold on the designers of street style. While less ornamental bonnets are currently popular, the primary trend is minimalist balaclavas, which were created with warmth and practicality in mind.

Leather trousers

When it comes to leather clothing, leather bottoms are really in at the moment. Brown, black or even light colours, the comeback of low waist and mid waist trousers are making some crazy head turns. The last we saw someone going wrong with leather pants was Ross Geller. In addition, it seems that many leather pants keep to a mid- or high-rise shape, which is ideal for that extra layer of warmth when it's cold outside. Low-waisted trousers may be making a comeback.

Tonal dressing

The level of dopamine dressing has increased. Vibrantly coloured tone clothing is popular in the style of clowncore and kid core fads that have been taking over social media. Consider Valentino's Pink PP collection, the idea is to focus on one colour across the entire outfit, experimenting with texture if you want to add a little drama. Like the street-style gurus, you get bonus points for matching accessories.


The vest is a prominent winter fashion trend, whether it's a basic knit form worn over and under several different winter warmers, as seen on Bella Hadid for Givenchy, a patterned turtleneck worn alone, as seen on Salvatore Ferragamo FW22, or an open zippered design. We adore a vest's adaptability because it can be easily dressed up or down and adds a casual elegance to any ensemble.

Preppy pleats

The pleated skirt is one of the trendiest silhouettes, coming in primary minis, occasionally maxis, and occasionally micro minis. They're always a delight and surprisingly versatile in dressing options, whether they're made of airy chiffon, noughties denim, or preppy plaid. Pair a longer one with a fitted jacket or coat for a more refined impression. Alternatively, wear a mini and embrace your younger side by wearing tights, a cosy sweater, and a collared shirt for the ultimate preppy style.