Noida- Sector 51 residents complain of overflowing manholes
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Noida- Sector 51 residents complain of overflowing manholes

Residents also allege that even after complaints to the Authority, no actions have been taken

Noida- Sector 51 residents complain of overflowing manholes

Residents of sector 51 are complaining about the issue of overflowing manholes. As per residents, the overflowing sewage water creates a rotten egg-like stench on the roads. They allege that the problem has been pertaining for the past 15 days and has made everyday life difficult for them. 

Such a situation is a potential health risk for them and dangerous for the commuters. Residents also allege that even after multiple complaints to the authority, no actions have been taken to resolve the issue. 

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Sanjeev Kumar, General Secretary of RWA Sector 51 says that sewage water is overflowing at multiple places on sector roads such as D 39, D 57, D-125 to 127, D-158 to 164, D-183, and F-55. He says, "The sewer overflow from manholes in sector 51 has increased the risk of chikungunya and malaria as many areas have turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes."

He adds, "Fogging and anti-larva have also become useless and redundant due to the dirty sewer water flowing on the roads of the sector all the time. Moreover, the water plant in front of F 72, sector 51 is also overflowing which keeps the drain of the sector filled with water all the time."

Anil Prakash Ranotra, a resident of sector 51 says, "Even walking down the street has become difficult. We don't open our windows just to avoid the stench. People who can avoid going out are doing so. However, it is a problem for riders and pedestrians."

Rajesh Kher, another resident claims that the situation has worsened over time. The stench has forced them to confine themselves to their homes. He says, "The stench is so foul that no officer of the authority can stand there for more than 5 minutes. Because of sewage overflow and stagnation, our premises have become mosquito breeding grounds."

CitySpidey reached out to Avinash Tripathi, OSD Water and Sewer Department saying, "The drains were built many years ago. With time, the population has increased and so has the waste. As soon as a new tender will come, new drainage lines will be built as per the need and population now."