A walk through International pavilions at India International Trade Fair
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A walk through International pavilions at India International Trade Fair

The turkey stall is the highlight at IITF every year

A walk through International pavilions at India International Trade Fair

Travelling beyond the country might require planning and investment but if you want to buy imported goods, you can simply visit the International pavillions at the ongoing India International Trade Fair.

The India International Trade Fair (IITF) at Delhi's Pragati Maidan is an annual event that draws thousands of people to its diverse display of products, which includes everything from imported food to handicrafts, jewellery, khadi and village products, electronics, and cosmetics.

From Turkey's lamps to Afghanistan's dry fruits, here is all from International pavilions at IITF 2022.


First, you can explore traditional Thailand dresses being sold at an affordable budget of Rs 1000. One can buy an unlimited variety of accessories at these stalls from claw clips to scrunchies. There is another stall ahead waiting for you, they are selling stunning artificial jewellery sets and an affordable price.


The entire pavilion was beaming with more than ten dry fruit stalls. Every booth has a variety of dry fruits, from almonds to rare dehydrated kiwi and mangoes. You can get your hands on mixed berries, mangoes, nuts, etc. With Winter here, it is the perfect season to invest in some dry fruits.


You can certainly bring some light home from the Turkey stall. The turkey stall is the highlight of every year IITF. The lamps and the colourful crockery transport you to Istanbul. The stunning-looking lamps with defined work can be found here. Besides the crystal cut lamps, they also have distinguished culinary.


Ladies, this is a shopping bonanza for all of you; this year, stalls from UAE have suits that will make your day. Besides their excellent designs and styles, they are very budget-friendly, you may pick up any suit you want, and it will cost you only 1199.

We also came across a luxury perfume brand Junaid Perfume. The luxury brand has been selling its perfumes for more than 100 years in UAE, Oman, and Bahrain. The fragrance and their packaging are truly enchanting and will invite you from a distance.

Other than these, do not forget to check the stalls of other partner countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iran and Tibet.

With just two days left to the IITF 2022, go and explore the international pavilions in Hall number 4 at the fair.