Best indoor wedding venues in Noida
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Best indoor wedding venues in Noida

The Shaurya is an opulent Banquet Hall in Noida,

Best indoor wedding venues in Noida

An Indian wedding is grand and lavish in every way. In contemporary times, people are looking at designer themes for decoration which require ample space. However, you don't need a gigantic venue for a perfect wedding. A stunning venue might also prove to be a problem if it is too far from the city. Here, Indoor venues emerge as the best option if you want to host a comfortably large gathering and be assured of the best facilities in catering.

Given that the wedding season will begin soon, these incredible wedding venues in Noida should be on your list.
Hotel Orange Pie

Your wedding, as well as any other ceremony functions or festivities, would be well suited to take place at Hotel Orange Pie in sector 66, Noida. They offer a large space for any wedding ceremonies, as well as a delicious catering service. They have 48 magnificent hotel rooms that are the absolute best in the industry.

Location- Sector 66, Noida
Capacity- up to 400 guest
Per plate cost- Approx. Rs 2,500

Rama Banquet

With high ceilings, exquisite décor, and regal furnishings, this is an elegant venue for your parties. This location has a touch of quality in every nook and cranny, and you can use it for major weddings as well as private ceremonies such as engagements, Rokas, or Mehendi parties.

Location- Sector 51, Noida
Capacity- up to 2k guest
Per plate Cost- approx. Rs 1500

Anandee home

This is a designer venue for a modern and contemporary wedding. It is perfect for staging outstanding corporate and personal social events because of its extensive interior. It also offers an outdoor area, which can accommodate large groups. The banquet hall's in-house catering serves a selection of dishes from a wide range of national and foreign cuisines, and the venue also provides non-alcoholic beverages.

Location- Sector-51, opposite Kendriya Vihar Society, Noida
Capacity- up to 1200 guest
Per plate Cost- approx Rs 1200

JS Garden
Although the dining hall is not very spacious in comparison to other locations, it does have a huge lawn that is well maintained where your family can enjoy the outdoors. For no additional expense, it provides the event with all of the essential conveniences, such as running water, power backup, valet parking, and dressing rooms for the bride.

Location- Sector 2, Greater Noida
Capacity- up to 1000 guests
per plate cost- approx. Rs 1100

The Shaurya

It is an opulent Banquet Hall in Noida, sector 73 and in addition to that, they provide services such as Catering and DJ. It is the ideal location for hosting a wedding that will live long in the memory. They provide guests with accommodation in opulent rooms that are both comfortable and convenient, during their stay.

Location- Noida extension, sector 73
Capacity- up to 1000 guests
Per plate Cost- approx. Rs 2500

Park Ascent Hotel

The Park Ascent Hotel is a prestigious location for weddings, and it offers spaces that are suitable for both the wedding dinner and the reception. They will assure you that your event will be an amazing experience that no one will ever forget. In addition to that, they offer decorating services and DJ entertainment.

Location- Sector 62, Noida
capacity- Up to 600 guests
Per plate Cost- approx. Rs 1800

Radisson Blu

This is one of the premier five stars that you will find in Noida. They offer excellent service as well as unique wedding packages. It is undoubtedly one of the best sites for your ideal wedding and has offered two banquet halls for luxurious weddings. If you are planning a wedding, you should consider booking this venue as per your requirement.

Location- Sector 18, Noida
Capacity- Up to 600 guests
Per Plate cost- Approx Rs 2500