Dwarka cyclists demand better infrastructure
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Dwarka cyclists demand better infrastructure

Cyclists allege that there is no adequate infrastructure to protect them

Dwarka cyclists demand better infrastructure

Dwarka:  Venkatesh, a 49-year-old cyclist from Dwarka and a resident of sector 4 has started cycling less frequently. He says, "I chose cycling because it is an eco-friendly, natural mode of transportation, and doesn't create traffic jams. However, the recent deaths of cyclists in road accidents in Delhi NCR have created a sense of fear in me. I only cycle occasionally now."


The recent death of Subhendu Chatterjee, a 50-year-old cyclist from Gurugram, after being rammed by a BMW has raised questions about the law and infrastructure of the city for cyclists. Subhendu was riding his sports bicycle in the Vasant Kunj area on Sunday when he was hit by a BMW car. As gathered, the driver lost control of the car as the tire burst resulting in the accident.

CitySpidey reached out to the cycling community in Dwarka to capture their reactions. Many cyclists say that the overspeeding of other vehicles has always been a concern for them. Moreover, they allege that there is no adequate infrastructure to protect them.

Sumit Vadhera, 36, an IT professional from sector 22 Dwarka, a cyclist, was a friend of Subhendu Chatterjee. "The news of his death was shocking for us. We have always looked up to him and he has always inspired us. It is very sad that because of poor infrastructure people have to lose their life."

Sumit Vadhera

Nupur Sharma, 42, a resident of sector 2 and a cyclist says, "Car or two-wheeler drivers do not consider cyclists on the road at all. We always leave early morning for cycling and go to off-beat, fewer traffic areas and come back home by 7:30 am after that the road becomes very risky to ride on a bicycle."

Neha Raizada, 40, a resident of sector 23 Dwarka and a cyclist says, "No doubt there are cycling lanes in Dwarka but those are used for parking the cars or rickshaws. There is no authority to question them or enforce any rule. So many people have lost their lives in the cycling community and still, infrastructure is poor for cyclists."

Neha Raizada

Rupen Sharma, 48, a cyclist and resident of Dwarka sector 10 and an engineer by profession says, "Most of the time, cars or bikes are parked on cycle lanes in the city. Generally, cyclists ride on the left side of the road but people overtake from the left side (instead of right, as per the rules) and there is no one to question them."

Rupen Sharma and co cyclists