Dwarka, Sector 12: Silent zone, and yet the blaring music!
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Dwarka, Sector 12: Silent zone, and yet the blaring music!

Despite the presence of a hospital in the vicinity, Shaheed Mohan Chand Sharma community hall has become the venue of late-night music and noise, causing residents to react.

Dwarka, Sector 12: Silent zone, and yet the blaring music! Shaheed Mohan Chand Sharma community hall in Sector 12

Shaheed Mohan Chand Sharma community hall in Sector 12 of Dwarka has been raising all the wrong noises. Despite coming under notified silent zone, the centre is often the source of loud music playing late into the night, leading residents to react sharply.

The hall falls under the jurisdiction of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). Residents from several societies, such as Abhiyan Apartments, Shivam Apartments, Shubham Apartments, Indraprastha Apartments, have repeatedly complained to the concerned authorities about the sound pollution, but to no avail.

There's also a hospital  -- Rockland Hospital -- in the vicinity.   

A police-public meet was organised in Abhiyan Apartments in the first week of December, during which residents raised their concerns in front of the ACP of Dwarka and members of Dwarka Forum.

A police-public held at Abhiyan Apartments in the first week of December

Thankfully, things have been better since the last couple of weeks. The late-night noise has been brought under control after the meet, confirms president of Abhiyan Apartments, GL Verma. He pointed out, "We want the situation to continue. The concerned agencies should take the matter more seriously -- or else the noise might just start again.”

A social activist and resident of Abhiyan Apartments, Pankaj said, “The hall is located next to Rockland Hospital and the blaring music is really unfortunate. The DJs play loud music late into the night... it's very disturbing! The place falls under a notified silent area, but nobody has any respect for the law. We have been continuously writing to the police and the corporation."

He added, “It's surprising how an order -- 909/CSD/HQ/2013 -- issued by the Community Services Department of  the SDMC has been completely ignored. It clearly prohibits the use of loud speakers and DJ performances outside the community hall.  Anybody renting the hall needs to submit a written undertaking mentioning that no DJs or music would be allowed to play  between 10 pm and 6 am. We request the authorities to apply the law and help the hapless residents.”

Dwarka Forum general secretary, SK Goel, assured, "We are making every possible effort to rectify the situation and reduce the noise pollution in the area.”