Beautiful temples to visit in Dwarka
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Beautiful temples to visit in Dwarka

GolakDham temple in Dwarka is dedicated to goddess Radha and Lord Krishna

Beautiful temples to visit in Dwarka

Visiting new temples and experiencing the culture there is always a peacful experience. While there are many ways you can spend your days and weekends, there's something quaint about visiting temples. If you live in Dwarka and want to visit temples in the sub-city, we are here to help ypu. Here are five most famous and beautiful temples situated in Dwarka that you can visit-

GolakDham Mandir

Credit: BhaktiBharat

This temple in Dwarka is dedicated to goddess Radha and Lord Krishna. Around 1000 regular devotees visit here to immerse themselves in devotion. You can visit here on Sunday afternoons (3 to 5 pm) to be a part of bhajans.

Location: H.A.F. (B), Part-1, Sector-10, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075


Credit: Justdial

The very famous Iskcon temple is also located in Dwarka Sector 13. If you are a devotee of lord Krishna, then you must surely know about Iskcon. Even if you're not a devotee, you can visit the place for to experience the culture of the place. Here, you will find people of all age groups. The temple is open to all, just avoid going in the meantime from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Location: Plot No.-4, Sub-City Level, behind Radisson Blue Hotel, Sector 13, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110078

Atishay Kshetra Shri Digambar Jain Ratnatraya Jain Mandir

Credit: Jain Mandir

The Jains have a different culture and rituals from other religions in India. If you want to explore and learn about Jainism then you can visit this temple. A good time to visit here is from 5:30am to 11:30am in the morning and from 6:00 to 9:00 pm in the evening.

Location: 50, Sector 10 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075


Credit: YouTube

The name of this temple literally translates to 'the abode of Kali'. This small but beautiful Bengali temple is in Sector 12, within walking distance from the metro station. This temple is managed and run by the Bengali community of Dwarka.

Location: Metro Station, Road No. 201, near Dwarka, Sector 12 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110078

Shri Sidhi Vinayak Temple, Dwarka

Credit: Facebook

This simple yet beautiful Ganesh temple is located in Sector 12, Dwarka. With a huge statute of Lord Ganesh welcoming the devotees, visiting this temple is a unique experience. You can visit this temple to behold the grandeur of the Ganesh statue and have a peaceful time.

Location: H2VQ+MG6, Sector 12 Dwarka, Dwarka, Delhi, 110075

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