Gurgaon: Painting the town red (and blue and green and yellow)!

By Anil Manchanda
Photo: Anil Manchanda
Posted: Dec 18, 2016

There are some things that are universally cool – electric guitars, tattooed girls, graffiti-covered walls.

Imagine what a city would look like with several of its walls covered in art. That’s what’s happening a Gurgaon!

A bunch of graphitti artists are painting the town red (and blue and white and green) and residents of the millennium city are loving it.

After winning accolades for painting a leopard on a water tank, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) reached out to the artists. Impressed with their work, MCG entrusted them with beautifying several walls across the city.

After having successfully painted some walls along National Highway (NH 8) and Tau Devi Lal Stadium, the group of artists are now busy adding some much-needed colour to the VVIP Civil Line area. Very soon, most of the government walls around city will be seen painted. 

Mythology and science are recurring themes in their creations. It is also a nod to Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's ambitious " Swachh Bharat" Campaign.

Honey Mor, an art director with this campaign, is excited about his work and thankful to MCG Joint Commissioner Rohit Yadav for the opportunity. "This will definitely make Gurgaon one of India’s most beautiful city,” said Mor. “We tried to create an image where one big brain is connected to smaller brains by wires. It depicts flow of information through technology. Most of our paintings have glimpses of the Bhagwat Gita. Considering we are just amateur artists, this is a great opportunity for us,” added Mor.

Sushil Dagar, a budding artist who is part of this brilliant team, is enthusiastic about the project. "I am extremely proud of being a part of this campaign,” said Dagar. “This is an incredible step. We are part of transforming the city into a beautiful place for people to live in. We are trying to create a fusion of ancient and modern civilizations with our art.”

TL Satyaprakash, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Gurgaon, said, "I am quite pleased with the pace at which the campaign is progressing. The city is looking so clean and beautiful after these paintings. Full marks to the young artists.”

What do residents think of these graphitti-covered walls?

“I love it,” said Manik Sharma, resident of Civil Lines. “I am happy the authorities came up with something so innovative for beautifying the city. The walls near my house are being painted as we speak; they look great.”


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