7 things you can do to help reduce environmental pollution
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7 things you can do to help reduce environmental pollution

Avoid using a car for short trips, instead, go for public transport.

7 things you can do to help reduce environmental pollution

Environmental pollution is evidently one of the biggest issues the world is facing today. While we go about day every morning, our actions, in some way or the other, are hurting the environment. While we may not bear the consequences of the same right away, those consequences are certainly waiting for us in the future. The introduction of dangerous compounds or other foreign particles that would have a negative impact on the ecosystem is referred to as pollution. One of our main duties and a natural method to take care of ourselves and our future generations is to protect our environment. Here are some things one can do to contribute towards protecting environment on an individual basis-

Using public transports

Avoid using a car for short trips, instead, go for public transport. Using public transportation is an easy method to reduce air pollution because it uses less gas and electricity. Using public transportation can also help with cost savings in addition to reducing the emission of fuels and gas. Less traffic on the roadways will result in lower pollution.

Energy choices

When you leave a room, make sure to turn off the lights and any other electrical devices. When not in use, unplugging them would aid in energy conservation.

Recycle and Reuse

Reusing and recycling materials helps to reduce pollutant emissions, which helps to reduce air pollution in addition to resource conservation and responsible resource use. Additionally, using recycled materials requires less energy to create new goods. Try to use those products which can be recycled easily.

No to plastic bags

Because plastic products take so long to degrade, their use have a negative impact on the environment. Paper bags are a preferable substitute because they degrade quickly and can be recycled. You can also use cloth bags which are more durable and sustainable.

Reduction of forest fires and burning of garbage

A significant contributor to air pollution is the collection of trash and setting it on fire during dry seasons or fires in dry leaves s. Smoking also contributes to air pollution as it worsens the quality of the air and harms the health of anyone breathing in that air. Stubble burning, garbage dumping, and burning of dry leaves also increase pollution and harm the environment.

Avoid usage of crackers

Burning firecrackers produce thick clouds of smoke by releasing harmful air pollutants like carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, trioxygen, and black carbon. Cracker use at weddings and celebrations creates a layer of haze that is particularly dangerous to human health.

Avoid Flushing your Medication

High-dosage medications are very difficult to separate from the water supply when they get into the sanitation system and could have negative effects on those who drink the water. People need to be very careful when it comes to throwing away medicines in water because medicines can easily dissolve in water and this can be disastrous.