Respite from water woes in Kanchenjunga
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Respite from water woes in Kanchenjunga

Noida Authority is replacing 32 corroded pipes that were causing water contamination in the society. However, residents question why the entire pipeline network is not being changed.

Respite from water woes in Kanchenjunga

At long last, Noida Authority has started replacing the old and damaged water pipelines in Kanchenjunga Apartments of Sector 53. Sewage seeping in through these pipes was contaminating potable water. This had become a health hazard for residents, who were falling ill from drinking sewage-mixed water.

MP Sharma, the project engineer of Noida Authority inspecting the work, said, “Most of these pipes were installed 20 years ago. There were 32 that were completely corroded. These are being replaced by plastic ones.”

However, a few residents are questioning whether this is a long-term solution.

“It would have been better if the entire network of pipes were changed,” said AK Srivastav, President of the RWA.